The '59 "Top-Loader" Tele & It's Devoted Fans Late '58 Top-loading Tele bridge, courtesy of Premier Guitar The 1958-59 period is a vintage often associated with Gibson guitars, the Les Paul Standard in particular, as discussed in a previous article . So if you have an original Tele or any other version of this great guitar you can have all the original tone and features and play in tune as well! 30% OFF DEALS! Bedenk hoe jaloers je vrienden zullen zijn wanneer je hen vertelt dat je je wilkinson tele bridge op AliExpress hebt gekregen. ... Chrome Toploader Bridge for Fender Telecaster- 2 1/8" String Spacing- 6 Saddle Condition: New Type: ... *NEW Wilkinson Vintage BRIDGE for Fender Telecaster Tele Chrome & Brass WTB-CR. $19.99. Wilkinson vintage style steel bridge for Tele, compensated staggered saddles, 54mm spacing. We used to compensate our own saddles but that is impossible to nail it for every set of strings. Maar misschien moet u snel handelen omdat deze top wilkinson tele bridge binnenkort een van de meest populaire bestsellers wordt. Shop Now for Wilkinson Telecaster Vintage "Ash-Tray" Bridge With Compensated Brass Saddles. 10% OFF DEALS! 20% OFF DEALS! Cutaway Wilkinson Compensated Bridge Brass Saddles Gloss Black - Fits Tele ... Filter-Tron, GF"Tron-Fit Vintage BLACK Tele Bridge, Solid Brass Saddles . I'm a top loader fan. I was encouraged by a friend's particularly nice, twangy toploader guitar, manufactured in California during the great spare-parts year of 1959. It's an easy mod. Usually Tele pickups have a baseplate which I recommend and that completes the grounding, otherwise yes a wire under the bridge. Best results you can strap the bridge plate to a wood block so the long part of the "L" points down and with a drill press drill from the back of the short side toward the front so any burrs are kicked up where you won't hit them with your hand, protected by the strings and saddles. Wilkinson Direct have just moved buildings and in doing so we have found New Old Stock of the Wilkinson WT3 in Chrome and ... Wilkinson by Gotoh WT3 Telecaster Bridge Gold Wilkinson GTB 100 Gold. As soon as I tried one of those modified bridge plates on a non-Bigsby guitar, I was sold. The Wilk is the only one I know of that is Brass and fully adjustable with the swivel saddles. Same day shipping Mon-Fri . I have been to the toploader mount and I have no seen the toploader … Guitarfetish Price $35.95 In Stock . Filter-Tron, GF"Tron-Fit Nickel Vintage 6 Saddle Tele Bridge, Perfect Intonation! NEW Chrome TOPLOADER Telecaster Bridge for Fender Tele 2 1/8" Space TB-5034-010; Categories.