Below, read the five major reasons why we need laws in our society to survive and thrive. Rules also define the nature of the employees: 15. First, you have to have a goal. So, if you were a rule breaker earlier, then be one to make sure you are now a changed and orderly disciplined person. School has been considered as temple also. Some of the important signs that the organization needs to look regarding their policies and procedures are: Companies nowadays are not just a mere entity but they are more than that. Whatever rule is not liked, is not carried forward further and whichever is liked is taken forward. No work is left pending and all work is done in proper time. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? We have rules and regulations to instill upon a soldier how to properly conduct him/herself while in the military uniform. Employees and Culture act as a mirror for your organization face. During the early stages of the Industrial Revolution, rules and regulations were light. Regulations can help ensure that businesses do not collude to raise prices. 01. of 05. So, it is important for all to follow rules and regulations as it will help you to know your limits for working and non-working. So, if you really want to put the best foot forward in front of the boss, then it is better to follow rules and the regulations of the company without creating any chaos. Why Hospital Policies and Procedures Are Important. Rules are the most important as it completes a company: Companies nowadays are not just a mere entity but they are more than that. By following the rules there is no subordinate and superior. This is especially important if you work with dangerous machinery, maneuver heavy equipment or work in hazardous conditions. As we have got a good idea regarding policies and procedures, let us have a look at some of their benefits as well. What employees are supposed to do and what not is all defined by the rules and the procedures of the company. To ensure everyone works for a common goal: 7. Helps in the overall growth of the company: 10. Betsie Van der Meer / Getty Images. The employees need to follow the rules and policies while working for the organization. A uniform enforcement of the customer service policies can help in the reassurance of the customers within the company. Through the adherence of the rules and procedures, everyone comes to know about their own individual duties and the responsibility which are indeed a good thing. The companies use their rules and procedures to test the real nature of the employees. In simple terms, it is a plan of action that needs to be carried to achieve the goal of the organization through daily operations. If the rules and policies are broken, then it will have a strong negative impact on the organization. But apart from that, the stern and the official matters cannot be handled just by the behavior of the employees. Where one get transformed towards the real value of life . So, if the companies wish to get an edge to compete with other companies at a time, it is essential to do something different by not forgetting to tread the path of strict rules and procedures. The most common rules and regulations are about common courtesy and appearance. 1. Now companies and other organization breathe and live due to the rules and the procedures which bind the employees to follow. Whatever activity is taking place within the company, is all covered or one can say the check is maintained on it with the help of the set procedures by the company. The limits are defined for all the levels in the organization and also sets the consequences which are good for the future of both the organization as well as the employees. How to Answer, Why Education is Important? Laws created under the Harm Principle are written to protect people from being harmed by others. The organization usually imply few pre-defined rules and policies at the work so that everything moves on smoothly in a proper way. Why it is important to Obey Military Rules and Regulation Military discipline and effectiveness is built on the foundation of obedience to orders. So every employee in the organization should follow rules. School are meant to be the best place and most important place of every one’s life. So, to make sure everything goes well, it is important to follow the rules in the company. When everyone follows the rules, harmony is maintained in the company. In order to prevent any messy situation from taking place in the company, it is important to follow the rules. How to Be More Open and Flexible in the Workplace? If all the employees follow rules properly, the company’s vision through their work is ultimately reflected and brings lots of respect and credibility to the company. Mean Girls at Work – How to Best Deal with Them? Also, it attracts many customers. So, in order to make a company run in a smooth manner, the values need to be an important part of both the employees and the company itself. So, in order to promote the cooperating environment within the company, it is important for everyone to adhere to the rules and procedures. So, above are some of the points which clearly explain why the rules and the procedures need to be followed by the employees as well as the company. It is important for all individuals within a healthcare organization to be involved in the development and implementation of policies and procedures and to have an understanding of what they are and how they are used. But if the proper rules are followed, there is a proper code of conduct, the performance will improve as all the employees would work for a single common goal. Ultimately, your organization wants you to be successful. When you work as per the rules and the procedures, the work is done on time as the strict rules act as a stern teacher and guide. How to Help Unemployed Son Living at Home? The rules help set a common objective to be achieved by the employees working within the company. Rules are made so that everyone is considered equal in the organization. Projects a positive image to the customers: 20. So, if the company wishes to promote a good work environment within the organization, it is important to follow the rules and most importantly it is vital for every organization to set the strict rules and regulations. Top 13 Reasons, “What Can you Contribute to the Company?” How to Answer, Can be explained with the help of simple sentences and paragraphs, Inconsistent performance by the employees, No clear plan of action among employees (chaotic situation), Key points are very well included in the policies and procedures, Help the team to clearly understand their responsibilities, Employers can just manage the employees rather than micro-managing, It provides all the required legal protection. They do not cross the limits which mean no breaking of the rules and this kind of attitude is always appreciates the company as it reflects the positive and the good working environment within the organization. Why Hospital Policies and Procedures Are Important It is important for all individuals within a healthcare organization to be involved in the development and implementation of policies and procedures and to have an understanding of what they are and how they are used. To get a more broader idea regarding the importance of rules and policy at work, let us see what is a policy and procedure and the differences between them.