When a small amount of electricity is applied to one part of the … It is designed for 11kV; also their cracking capability is up to 250 MVA. HRC fuse or high rupturing capacity fuse carry short ckt heavy current for a known time period, unlike the normal fuses. 1. When the fault current passes through the fuse, the fuse element melt and break. The enclosure in which the fuse element is placed is filled with the chemical powder. These types of fuses are extensively used to protect the feeders as well as transformer due to they’re low-priced. Quoting from Cooper-Bussmann.... FUSE LINKS FOR THE PROTECTION OF SEMICONDUCTORS The term semiconductor in electrical circuits can best be described as a switch, however unlike the domestic light switch, there are no moving parts. When fuse operation starts, the liquid uses in the fuse extinguish the arc. Liquid Type HRC Fuses:-These are used for circuit up to 100A rated current& systems up to 132Kv. The fuse wounds in the shape of a helix or use two fuse elements in parallel to prevent the corona effect at the higher voltages. Selected HRC Fuse Links should have current rating not less than the normal full load current of circuit. One of the fuse element has low resistance and the other has high resistance. Characteristics of HRC Fuse: A Fuse operates when its element melts due to heat produced by I 2 R F, where R F is Fuse resistance. Logged Bored chemist. The one end of the tube is packed and another is fixed by phosphorous bronze wire. images_225.jpg (19.32 kB, 225x94 - viewed 48 times.) This type of fuse includes an unfilled open-finished cylinder designed with synthetic resin-bonded paper. In some point of view HRC fuse is better than circuit breaker. This cartridge fuse is similar to low voltage HRC fuse with some extra features. Therefore, we can conclude that a Fuse element will melt faster for large fault current while it will take some time for lower value of fault current. This type of fuse we can see in our houses. What is HRC fuses 6 Replies; 817 Views; 0 Tags; 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. This increase the short circuit capacity. Naked Science Forum Newbie; What is HRC fuses « on: 16/08/2018 13:14:36 » Hello What is HRC fuses. Semi- enclosed or rewireble type. This heat produced increases if the current flowing through the Fuse element increases. NTYNUT (OP) Sr. Liquid HRC Fuse Type Expulsion HV Types of Fuses. During the time when heavy current flows, if the fault is removed then it does not melta otherwise it melts. Types of HRC fuse. These fuses have the glass tube filled with carbon tetrachloride. The HRC fuse has inverse time characteristic, i.e., if the magnitude of the fault current is high, then their rupturing time is low and for low magnitude fault current the rupturing time is high. In modern this type fuse (HRC) provides reliable discrimination and accurate characteristics. What is HRC fuses « previous next » Print; Pages: [1] Go Down. Member; 240; Activity: 0%. Class ‘gG’ Fuse Links provides complete protection of cables. Semiconductor fuses are faster and have lower I 2 t than normal HRC fuses.