Loss of Appetite. Read further below on the detailed information and recipes of the foods to feed during cold and cough in children. Below are the recipes for lemon juice and orange juice below: Berries (including strawberry, blueberries, cranberries, etc.). Juice of Citrus Fruits. It also stimulates the body's immune system. Mashed potatoes are another comforting and filling food to prefer during cold, cough and fever. Add basil leaves to this dry ginger coffee for added benefits to treat cold and cough. It's a light and healthy meal option when the little one is down with a cold. All increase mucus production in many individuals. 10. Opt for a lot of liquids in the form of home made fruit juices, milkshakes and soups. Make fresh juice with lemon or orange with lukewarm water & serve or add lemon juice to warm water and serve with honey(for babies below one year avoid honey). Besan is a traditional Punjabis remedy for cold and cough; it's taken as sheera/halwa during night time before going to bed. Avoid feeding your toddler red meat as well. Don't force the baby to eat, instead try to offer the foods he/she prefers. Gargling with salt water (2 years +): Gargling with salt water is a world known, effective and simple … Excess Mucus. If possible, use purified or distilled water to slow down mineral buildup inside the humidifier. Citrus fruits protect the body from cell damage and boost the immune system. It also helps to relieve congestion and keeping the mucus thin. Amie Taylor has been a writer since 2000. You could serve sabudhana Khichdi with some vegetables or make sabudhana kheer without milk and nuts, cook sabudhana pearls in water and make as a porridge, offer as such or you can strain and feed the water alone. This dry ginger coffee is a grandmas home remedy for cold, nasal congestion and sore throat. Whether caused by the common cold, allergies or something more serious, congestion makes it tough for your toddler to breathe. You can avoid cream in this mushroom soup when offered during the episodes of cold and cough. Your email address will not be published. Hence the mushroom soups are apt during cold and cough. It's not all bad news, though. Raisins and Milk for Toddlers and Kids- Home Remedy for Constipation, Top 10 Tips For Travel/Car/Motion Sickness in Children, 25 First Birthday Themes and Ideas For Girls - Birthday Themes for Girls, Raisins for Babies, uses & Benefits, How to prepare dry grapes Juice for baby Constipation, « Top 20 Indian Home Remedies for Cold and Cough in Babies,Toddlers, Kids, Egg Sandwich Recipe for Toddlers and Kids ». The last thing you want to do is increase the problem. When taken warm, it soothes a throat and makes the child comfortable. Rice porridge is one of the easily digestible and soft foods which provides loads of energy to the body and makes the recovery process quick. Idli or steamed dosa is an easily digestible and soft food, you can prefer as a breakfast/dinner during cold or fever. Vegetable Dal soup is an easily digestible, mild and filling soup that you can offer your baby during cold and fever. Offer your toddler fruit juice, sugar-free or reduced sugar drink mixes or iced tea. Suitable for infants who are at least six months … Mushrooms are amazing immune system boosters and help prevent infections. Check out the preparation of dry ginger coffee recipe here with the detailed steps. Flavored gelatin, applesauce and Popsicles are options that add water to the diet as well. Avoid any milk or this turmeric milk if your child is taking antibiotics and the doctor advised the same. Feed your child fruits high in vitamin C, including kiwi, grapefruit, papaya and cantaloupe. Idiyappam or rice noodles is another easily digestible breakfast or dinner option as it's made with rice and steamed. Make a warm soup with apple & carrot and sprinkle pepper powder when your baby is down with a cold. Like apples, steamed nendran/ Kerala bananas are also easily digestible, and hence it's ideal to offer during cold or fever. You can offer this tomato soup as such or mix with the mashed rice and feed your baby. Give warm milk to your toddler during cough and cold. Barley water is a world-known remedy for cold, cough and even fever. You can add a pinch of turmeric to the milk and this combo or ‘ Haldi Doodh’ is an excellect home remedy too for cough and cold. Be sure to replace lost fluids as soon as possible with electrolyte drinks specially formulated for children. It also helps to relieve congestion. Make sure you have introduced each food separately and checked for allergies. Often when a child is ill, his appetite is minimal to nonexistent. Moong dal khichdi is a filling and soothing food that makes your baby or toddler feel better during cold or fever. Tomato soup. Recommended Foods for Cough and Cold for Infants, Toddlers, and Children 1. Serve your baby warm. It's best to take your doctor's advice before including or removing any food item from your baby's diet. Ginger Tea. Hot drinks cause mucus to thin and drain, helping your toddler breathe more freely. Vegetable clear soups are easily absorbed by the body. Some may also avoid tamarind (imli), curd, certain spices or sour foods. There are some foods that present advantages over others for a little one who's feeling under the weather. But, according to Mayo Clinic, it may not be doing much. Cold air humidifiers are safer for children and as effective as warm air humidifiers. Experts say that all frozen and cold desserts should be kept at bay during winters. Bajra raab is what comes to my mind first, if anyone … Oftentimes an upset tummy may accompany a cough or cold, and antibiotics and cold remedies can cause diarrhea. Sweet potatoes are packed with immune-boosting nutrients that help the body to produce white blood cells. Give your toddler ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) if your pediatrician prescribed the same. All types of food are recommended, but avoid food with too much oil and spices. It is a known fact that the more you drink liquids such as soup and water, the faster … Offer fruits as a puree or cut fruits or make juice with lukewarm water or as a smoothie with coconut milk. Give pomegranate juice with little pepper powder & dry ginger powder for best results during cold and cough. When a toddler has a cough or cold, it's often accompanied by an excess of mucus. As most moms know, liquids are especially important during times of sickness. The best way to prevent the flu is to get the flu shot. Make it as a clear soup with spices like pepper & cumin seeds during cold. You would be surprised to know that it isn't just the temperature of the food that is the culprit here. Poha is another easily digestible food you could opt during cold or fever. Serve it plain or with lemon juice. Vitamin C Foods Studies have suggested vitamin C – found naturally in fruits and veggies such as oranges, strawberries and even broccoli – can help fight off symptoms of colds, including congestion. Apple and carrots are rich in antioxidants which would be the right choice during colds. I'll give you the lowdown on which foods to include, what doesn't actually work, and tips on how to sneak them into their meals. Vitamin C fights germs that spread colds. A doctor may help you to determine the cause of the problem and treat it. Foods to Eat With a Cough & Cold for a Toddler. Introduce warm drinks like tea that has cooled to an appropriate temperature, apple cider or chicken broth. Into astrology? Cold and cough are cause essentially by virus. Alternatively, choose food that is particularly fragrant. Kindly seek doctors to help if symptoms persist. Mutton bone clear soup is also one of the comforting soup recipes that you could offer during the episode of cold, cough and fever.