Split ends are unsightly and can cause your hair to look lackluster and frizzy, especially if you keep it long. They are also the most fragile part of your hair, so it's essential to care and prevent damage to your ends. Split ends are a natural occurrence in Human Hair. Try hair masks for split ends. Hair grows from root to tip, so your ends are the oldest part of your hair. The friction of our drying clothing fabrics rubbing against the ends of our hair can accelerate the formation of split ends. So, an easy way to prevent split ends in natural hair … The ends of our hair are the oldest parts and are already prone to dryness and breakage. Book a deep conditioning treatment at your salon to help revitalize your locks. Most offer Keratin and other intensive treatments you can do monthly. Our favorite DIY hair … Thankfully, you can have the long hair you want, and the healthy shine you desire by switching … Starting with a high-quality extension is the first line of defense against split ends.