A vanity press, vanity publisher, or subsidy publisher is a publishing house in which authors pay to have their books published. Sometimes they require writers to buy a copy of an anthology in which their work appears. Vanity presses still exist to provide editorial-to-book binding service to those who are willing to pay for the publishing service. A UK vanity, Pentland Press, collapsed in 2002, with more than £260,000 in debt and hundreds of defrauded authors. The following lists are of notable self-publishing companies, and some which provide assistance in self-publishing books, provide print on demand services as publishers, operate as vanity presses, or custom print merchandise and on products.. Self-publishing and vanity publishing are different business models. They draw them in, rip them off, and then kick them out … And vanity presses … Sovereign Publications, or what happens when a scam literary agency owns a vanity … Where mainstream publishers aim to sell enough copies of a book to cover their own costs, and typically reject a majority of the books submitted to them, a vanity press … These are vanity or subsidy presses. These vanity publishers are in the business of selling overpriced services and packages and preying on naive and unsuspecting writers and authors. In general these types of companies should be avoided. Traditional vanity publishers may still be the choice for … When a writer pays to have a book published, the writer should retain the rights to the book. On the whole, keep in mind that publishing with vanity presses … Another UK vanity, Serendipity, went bust in the fall of 2008, with authors alleging breach of contract.