This combo is a favourite on toast, so why not try it on a crepe? Fill the crepe with scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon. When she comes back to France, her favorite thing is to sit on the terrace with friends and enjoy some cheese (she’s a fan of Roquefort!) It took me a whole day cooking at least 85 crepes for a crowd. 1. Once your crepe is cooked, spread a layer of Nutella around it (not too close the edges, and fold it into a triangle. You can use your favourite cheese and thin slices of ham. *, 🇨🇦 Travel blogger & personal finance writer Plus, you only need a few basic ingredients which you likely already have at home. For some reason, it wasn’t until after that visit to Paris that I started making my own crepes at home. From, Life goals: Find someone in life who gets as excit, Quick Monday reminders:⁣ This cocktail is definitely an unconventional mix for a cocktail, but I wanted to try something really different. Change up your favourite breakfast wraps by using a crepe instead. When the crepe is cooked, sprinkle it with sugar (you can even make cinnamon sugar) and drizzle lemon juice over top before folding it up and serving. 🌪 disaster-prone adventurer. So, when it comes to French crepes; are you more of a sweet or savoury person? Here is a list of the traditional Sweet Crepes that people admire. Using a whisk or electric mixer, beat in the milk gradually until a smooth batter form with no lumps. That was me! Now, I can clearly see what was her secret goal for us: eating our veggies. My French crepe recipe however eliminates these two problems. Or, just leave them flat and pile your toppings on. You can add a bit of heat with hot sauce or salsa, or go for a healthier version and add some tomatoes, spinach, and/or bell peppers. If you are looking for something a little more upscale for a brunch option, try adding smoked salmon. Who am I to judge? Whip up one of these 26 sweet crepe fillings and enjoy when you need a the boost – of sugar, of chocolate, fruit or even a bit of cinnamon. Cook and chop slices of bacon, then add avocado slices and top with a fried egg. The Gunny Sack shows us how to make some sweet and delicious fruit salsa that will fit nicely inside some homemade crepes. She is the co-founder of Bon Appétit Box. Well, you could also eat them plain but that’s pretty boring. With my sister, we always had a lot of fun mix matching ingredients to fill our crêpes. The last time I introduced a post about the Baguette it was for the Apéritif (French Happy Hour with wine and more fo... Ratatouille is not only this gifted rat from Pixar, but it’s also a delicious dish that originates from Provence, Sou... Bon Appétit Box Gourmet French Food Gift Subscription Boxes. You can also add a dollop of whipped cream, yogurt, cream cheese, or drizzle maple syrup over top. Top it off with some caramel and whipped cream – or maybe even some cinnamon too! If you want to go for fancier filling, I would recommend replacing the plain chocolate by an artisanal Chocolate and Hazelnut spread. a buckwheat crepes recipealong with some ideas for traditional fillings. traditional french crepe fillings. When I visited Paris for the first time in 2011 I lived off of French crepes. You want the cheese to melt so when the crepe is just about done, lay the cheese and ham on top so it warms and melts a bit before you take it out the pan, fold, and serve. A spectacular affair. I’d love to hear more about your French crêpe party, so share your recipe fillings in the comments! ⁣ Viola! By leaving a comment you agree with the storage and handling of your name and email address by Eat Sleep Breathe Travel. Sprinkle with a heaping teaspoon of cinnamon and cook on medium heat until the apples soften. Another yummy idea is to create an apple-pie type filling for your crepes. Spread a tablespoon of Dijon Mustard on your crêpe, add the ham slices and top with shredded cheese. A great combo for dinner or lunch crepes is chicken and pesto. Traditional Sweet Crepe Fillings. Delicious. Top with freshly sliced banana and drizzle with extra chocolate. Pour a ladleful of batter onto the pan. 1 – Ham, Cheese and Dijon Mustard Maybe the most classical French crêpe filling. These sweet recipes will have you saying "oui!" You can pretty much put anything sweet in your crepes but here are a few ideas to get you started. Before starting and if you missed it, here’s Anne-Sophie Grandma’s crêpe recipe. The post 3 best French Crêpes fillings appeared first on Bon Appétit Box Gourmet French Food Gift Subscription Boxes. Eat Sleep Breathe Travel is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Instead, consider some of the following combinations. If you haven't tried these crepes then that is an absolutely must! Bon Appétit Box is the best gourmet foods from France, carefully packaged and delivered in a box right to your doorstep.Savor this purely French experience, or delight the gourmet foodies in your life with the gift of a Bon Appétit Box. Mix all your ingredients together in a mixing bowl until it’s smooth and there are no lumps. Wake up with the crepe recipes we just can't stop making, from basic to traditional. One of France's most well known desserts, Crêpes Suzette, features sweet crepes flambed with orange liqueur. If you are using an electric frying pan (which is what I use), use the back of the ladle to smooth it out. They take about 2-3 minutes to cook on the one side, you’ll know it’s time to flip them when the edges look firm and lift and little and the middle looks more solid. Best French crepes and fillings recipe I taught a French cooking class Saturday. ⁣ Spread a tablespoon of Dijon Mustard on your crêpe, add the ham slices and top with shredded cheese. Halloween is a prett, It’s the spookiest time of the year!⁣ You can roll them like a burrito or fold them in half, then in half again to make a triangle. Keep an eye on your crepes as they cook. But hey, you know that you can’t go wrong with classical dishes especially when they require only 3 ingredients! Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, bananas, cherries… you can add any of your favourite fruit to crepes or even create a mixed fruit ‘salsa’ to stuff them with. I think it comes to me naturally. The World From an Adventurous Girl's Point of View, ‘Tis the season of cheesy Hallmark Christmas mov, Do you work to live? Here are a few ideas for some yummy savoury crepes. If you are using a frying pan you can lift the pan and roll it a bit to spread the batter in a thin layer. But they are made with very different types of flour! To do this, chop about 3 apples into small pieces and toss into a frying pan with about 1 tbs butter and about 1/3 cup brown sugar. This is as traditional as sweet crepes can get! When your crepe is cooked spread some crème fraiche on the crepe, top with smoked salmon, fold, and sprinkle with chives. At least that’s what I told myself as I ordered yet another Nutella crepe from the vendor. It’s a personal favourite of mine. 99.99% of people. Posted by Lifestyle Blogger on April 26, 2017. First, because it’s really good, but also very versatile. If you are looking for easy and delicious dessert crepes, then look no further than ice cream and chocolate sauce. As for the fillings, well that’s where you can get creative. Your privacy matters to us. This filling is just perfect for brunch, so don’t forget the Mimosas! But it’s also super delicious with mozzarella, provolone or even cheddar! When apples are softer, crank the heat to high so the brown sugar/butter mix caramelizes a little. Another ‘classic’ crepe flavour is the lemon and sugar crepe. They were cheap, they were easy, plus they were French so I felt like I was eating ‘authentically’. Fill your crêpe with melted dark chocolate, and fold it into quarters. This could be a pretty messy crepe filling, so maybe you'll want to eat it with a fork. Receive special offers, new product info, tips & cultural content about France, SHOP OUR CYBER WEEKEND SALE | 10% OFF EVERYTHING - USE CODE: BF20. I guess I thought they were ‘hard’ but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Once your crepe is cooked, spread a layer of Nutella around it (not too close the edges, and fold it into a triangle. #Curvy & #Bodypositive wannabe Indiana Jones