Such animals show no anxiety in the presence of the boar. The signs of pregnancy pig: in the expected time does not occur heat; pig becomes more calm; from the second half of pregnancy, the female eats a lot and a little goes. Domesticated animals rarely exhibit any signs of sexual behavior one cycle interval after a fertile mating. Signs of heat. Signs of heat. Author(s) : Raju, K. G. S. Author Affiliation : Department of Animal Reproduction, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, … In the last stages of gestation pigs appear in outward signs such as the increase in the nipples and rounded belly. If you’re not sure of the difference between males and females then please check this post and this post about essential differences. Physical signs of pregnancy in indigenous pigs. Estrous detection can be used as a means of pregnancy evaluation if gestation facilities are designed to allow daily fenceline contact between boars and sows, or if the boar and sow can be placed in the same pen each day. Clinical signs. Often a clear sign of pregnancy pigs is the lack of re-hunt. The sow will be in heat for 8 to 36 hours. The female pig coming into heat is restless and may not eat. When the pig is pressed hard with the hands on either side of her back she will stand still, showing she is ready to accept the male. The producers' ability to detect signs of estrus is improved if the sow's behavior is observed in the presence of a boar. Infection later in pregnancy can result in abortion and birth of stillborn and weak pigs. Sow may show signs of illness (lethargy; inappetence; diarrhoea/scours) or may be completely normal. There are no gross lesions in most aborted pigs, but a few have pinpoint white foci of necrosis in the liver and tonsils. Physical Methods. Mummification can occur but is uncommon. Usually less than 2% of sows affected, however acute PRRS may cause rates to rise to 20% or more. Sorry but male pigs do not have pregnancy indicators. Gordon King, Animal Science, University of Guelph. How to bring the sow into heat The first of that pair also shows an example of a non-pregnant gilt for … Occurs in breeding female adult pigs (sows and breeding gilts). Pregnancy Diagnosis in Sows and Gilts. Several techniques are available for pregnancy determination (see Table: Common Tests for Detection of Pregnancy In Pigs). The vulva becomes pink and swollen. 5 days after mating, you can determine the following signs of gestation: discharge of white color from the vagina; lack of appetite, apathy; redness of the nipples and the presence of discharge from them; quick weight gain animals. Pregnancy is most commonly diagnosed by noting that the female does not return to estrus in 18–25 days; this is 75%–85% accurate. Infection early in pregnancy can result in embryonic death and resorption of the fetuses.