About the Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak. Our Deluxe Valves come with an inner diaphragm which allows air to be pumped in without air escaping afterwards. Allows you to sit 5" off the floor with 14" of back support. It weighs just 32 lbs. The kayak has five-tube I-beam floor design that adds to the stability and rigidity. The Sport Kayaks feature two molded skegs - just like a surf board - so you go faster and further with less paddling effort! Sea Eagle 370 Kayak Pro Package Amazon.com. It’s removable skeg gives stable tracking experience. Carrying capacity is one of the great features of this amazing ‘yak which let you carry 650 pounds with its 12.5′ length and 34-inch width. Several years ago we changed our floor construction from a 7 tube I-beam floor to 5 tubes. white swatches of material and two tubes of glue. This affordable inflatable Sport Kayak is as lightweight and portable as it gets, yet still remarkably stable and durable. Hopefully, we will have many opportunities to put it out on some of the many lakes throughout all those states. It was a snap to set up and take down. Its rigid construction makes it highly puncture resistant. Since that time we were able to take it out to a large local lake four times & put it through its paces. Weighs just 2.62 lbs. Quality Inflatable Kayaks, SUPs & Boats since 1968, With a max load capacity of 650 lbs. It is can be converted between solo and tandem. Repair kit for Motormount boats and Sport Kayaks. and packs down small enough to fit in the smallest car trunk. Includes two 4 in. Having that much weight capacity, let you carry a lot of  lot of fishing and camping gear. It is a perfect kayak for someone who has small storage space. 4 great packages to choose from! x 3 in. It only weighs 14.5 kg which let you even take it on flights to your favorite kayaking location. Since then we have made many improvements in our inflatable kayaks. *Only Sport Kayak and Motormount Boat Packages (minus the motormount frame and wooden seats) fit entirely into the Carry Bag. However, we recommend the Carry Bag for use with a variety of accessories. Yes, you can! Both the skegs are highly durable and made up of molded plastic. Tracking is very important in a kayak. It can be deflated within minutes and can be fixed into a small bag. Because larger I-beam tubes have more rigidity than smaller tubes it also created a more rigid inflatable floor with natural chines which improve the speed and tracking of our Sport Kayaks, making it easier to paddle long distances whenever you wish. 2 skegs on the bottom for better tracking & speed, might have very minimal wear (no barnacles or algae), might contain prior-generation components. This is the most popular package for America's favorite inflatable kayak. There are many existing users of SE 370 who can vouch on its durability any day. SE 370 has been rated as Class III for whitewater. With a lightweight design and efficient hull shape, the Sport Kayaks are swift paddling boats and easy to handle for young or old alike. The Sea Eagle SE 370 is an ideal inflatable kayak for both amateur and professional kayakers of all ages. These skegs are made of an almost indestructible molded plastic that will not be harmed by hitting rocks or running up on the beach. Despite of being an inflatable vessel, it is a very versatile kayak which can be taken from flat waters to class III rapids. Deluxe 370 is the entry level kayak which is perfect for someone who is just starting with kayaking and paddling. Feels a little unstable at times but I haven't spent much time in a regular kayak so don't know how to compare. I just wish it was easier to set up and take down but I haven't got a electric pump yet so that will fix that problem. Sea Eagle SE 370 offers convenient kayaking experience. SE 370 comes with quiet spacious cockpit featuring two inflatable seats which are very comfortable for long hour paddling. It is now rolled up & in its bag for the winter. A great improvement over traditional pipe valves which are hard to close, loose air easily and crack over time. The kit includes; two paddles, two inflatable seats, a foot pump, a repair kit, and a carry bag. There are two rear skegs providing better tracking and speed. The Sea Eagle 370 Pro Kayak package includes a pair of 7’10” AB30 paddles, two deluxe inflatable kayak seats, a carry bag, the A41 foot pump, and a small repair kit. I quickly added the Fast Track so the whole family could go together. So until this trip is over with, I don't have much more to report. We both adapted quickly to the kayak & had a lot of fun with it. Lightweight and portable, this storage box folds down to the size and weight of the local newspaper. We will be starting out in Montana & travelling across the upper United States, through the Dakotas, Minnesota, into the Michigan UP, across Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine & into Nova Scotia. Made with heavy duty 440 denier nylon fabric. Recommended for a variety of accessories with larger Sea Eagle models. This "down wind" sail can move a kayak up to 7 knots and can be steered using your paddle as a rudder. Being an inflatable kayak, it is very easy to transport SE 370 from one place to another. Another amazing thing about this kayak is that it provides amazing tracking which is possible due to its two rear skegs.