Schreier: SaGa Scarlet Grace never made it to the West - do you plan to ever bring it here? His home region is the Magic Kingdom. Schreier: There’s been a lot of focus on Romancing SaGa 2, both with the iOS/Android ports last year and now these new ports - why did the team choose to focus on that game specifically? The true ending was never published. Yeah, I think it's the most unfortunate thing about Saga Frontier. Schreier: Would you ever consider remaking SaGa Frontier with the content that was cut from the game? "...Wouldn't you know, but there was Ramza, just hanging out in outer space." Have you considered localizing original versions of those games? The game was created over 20 years ago, but to this day, it still stands as a title that upholds a unique mechanic with no comparable RPGs in existence. Of course, I would like to if I could. Yah, I'm not buying the interactive ending bit at all, though it sounds imaginative enough. While I enjoyed XV, it’s pretty far down the list in terms of my favorite FF entries; however, I’ve essentially grown up with the franchise (I’m in my late 30s), and I have to recognize that it has—just like I have—changed. I just finished a powered-up Blue solo and Blouge could for the most part fight Hell's Lord to a stalemate even if Hell's Lord had infinite hit points. As such, there’s no need to think about what it would look like. The true ending was never published. Blue is trapped in Hell and finds his way out through his friends' calls. Currently Playing: F-Zero GX (GCN), Dragon Quest III (J) (NES), Saga Frontier is really the only game I know of that was too cheap to include an ending >.<. While you were fighting, they were busy resealing Hell, which is why they took away your region map before entering. Can we use DSC on Lute's final boss? There's a track on the soundtrack for this ending. That’s the way we envisioned it when we created the game. Kawazu: It’s easier to play games (rather than creating them), so should more games along the lines of what I’m thinking get released, all I’d have to do is play those games every day. Click here to browse. Kawazu: It happened to be a time in which it was extremely difficult to determine whether the games should be released overseas or not, and we unfortunately had to forgo the overseas release. Akitoshi Kawazu: The main character is the Emperor. Author of Blood, Sweat, and Pixels. Schreier: Would you like to give any sort of message to SaGa fans in the West? Over the past few years, there have been many complaints about video game endings—that they’re…. That said, it would be best if a situation like that never occurs, and it is also highly unlikely to occur. Are there any plans to release those remakes in the West? Stasis can be seen as a version of infinite time. They were once heroes but now, they are different. In 2016, Square released a mobile remake of Romancing SaGa 2, a 1993 role-playing game for the Super Nintendo and the fifth game in Kawazu’s quirky series. He hopes to bring more SaGa games to the West. Yeah, I think it's the most unfortunate thing about Saga Frontier. In a way this can be seen as the case if Hell is resealed while Blouge is providing the distraction. Some people like to think that the trip to hell is an interactive ending persay. Blue is trapped in Hell and finds his way out through his friends' calls. Blue is trapped in Hell and finds his way out through his friends' calls. (SPOILER). That said, they are powerful beings, so much as to have once been called heroes, and defeating these enemies is no easy feat for the main character. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. However, these powers have been divided between himself and his twin brother, and therefore Blue can currently reach only half of his full potential. Is there a way to make a Dullahan drop Dullahan Shields?? Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Romancing SaGa 2 is a story about the conflict between the Seven Heroes and the Emperors across several generations. This is my tribute to SAGA FRONTIER. Is it possible to make your own GameShark codes for this game? Will Asellus still gain stat boosts from all three mystic abilities even if she only has one of them equipped? We wanted as many players as possible to have an opportunity to experience this game. There's a track on the soundtrack for this ending. ... After the fifth transformation or deleption of approx 100,000 HP, the game will end. Schreier: Do you ever want to return to Final Fantasy? Kawazu: Of course I’d like to, but I’m not sure if god would keep me alive until the day it can be realized. There's a fine "li" between "obvious" and "oblivious.". Franchises morph and evolve to serve new and broader audiences, and sometimes that means leaving some of the “old guard” behind.If a former director of the franchise can accept that, then I, as a fan, can as well. There's a track on the soundtrack for this ending. Unfortunately, we had to forgo implementation due to the size of the CD-ROM and the timing of release. Jason Schreier: To readers who might not be familiar with Romancing SaGa 2, can you talk a little bit about the game and why you think people should check it out on these new platforms?