Even, texture characteristics and overall quality score for the, muffins with jaggery when compared to muffins with sugar, Hence, it can be concluded that Jaggery can be used for the, total replacement sugar on equal weight basis in various, Agrahar-Murugkar D, Zaidi A, Kotwaliwale N, Gupta C (2016) Effect. And if you use olive oil, it is even better and no, it wouldn't taste anything like olive oil once baked. Theoretical yield of sugar per metric ton of cane, percent juice sucrose, percent purity, and sugar loss with time were obtained by standard calculations. Four sponge cake treatments included sucrose cake packed without O2 absorber (T1), sucrose cake packed with O2 absorber (T2), honey cake packed without O2 absorber (T3) and honey cake packed with O2 absorber (T4) were examined. Muffins were stored at room tem-. Jaggery, or gur, is a popular natural alternative of refined sugar. Cereal, Verma VK, Narain M (1990) Moisture absorption isotherms of, Zahn S, Forker A, Krugel L, Rohm H (2013) Combined use of. There is a, scope for complete replacement of sugar with jaggery. In: Singh J (ed) Status, problems and prospects of jaggery, and khandsari industry in India. The total aerobic bacterial counts ranged from 3.0 × 105 cfu/g to 1.09 × 106 cfu/g while the fungal counts ranged from8.0 × 101 cfu/g to 1.20 × 103 cfu/g of the sample. So, if you don't have baking powder at home, you can use baking soda with cream of tartar instead. Jyotsna R, Prabhasankar P, Indrani D, Venkateswara Rao G (2004), Improvement of rheological and baking properties of cake, batters with emulsifier gels. The methods of converting sugarcane and manufacturing sugar, gur and khandsari are different but a great value is added in the manufacturing of these consumable final products. These results are similar to as reported by, titratable acidity of muffins with sugar and jaggery, activity, pH and increase in titratable acidity during storage, The effect of storage period on sensory characteristics of, sugar and jaggery muffins was observed. They were further oriented in four ses-, samples were evaluated under ambient temperature and. The development of different value added products from jaggery and their commercial availability becomes needs of the hour to sustain future profitability in the jaggery trade. The increase in ash and decrease in, sugar contents in muffins with jaggery than muffins with, sugar is due to the presence of higher amount of minerals, like iron, calcium, phosphorous and lower amount of, sucrose in jaggery when compared to sugar (Jagannadha, Effect of storage on the quality of muffins, Changes in various quality parameters of muffins with, jaggery when compared to muffins with sugar during, storage for 21 days are presented in Table, muffins showed higher moisture content as compared, sugar based muffins initially as well as over storage period. While physical and chemical spoilage limits, ) reported water activity of cakes in the. ) Even if refined sugar is replaced with jaggery, the glucose and fructose present in it will eventually lead to fat gain. Best will be to weight the sugar and then replace. Sugar Tech 8:137–142, Manisha G, Soumya C, Indrani D (2012) Studies on interaction, between stevioside, liquid sorbitol, hydrocolloids and emulsifiers, for replacement of sugar in cakes. using Micro-visco amylograph (Model 803201, Formulation of muffins with sugar, different levels of egg and jaggery, ) using the standard volume-measuring apparatus, ). Jaggery is nutritious and easily available to the rural people. Keeping in view the above, the effects of replacement of, sugar with jaggery on the rheological characteristics of, Commercial refined wheat flour, sugar, eggs and jaggery, were purchased from the local market. wheat and potato flour blends. Rex Baking, powder (Hindustan Lever Ltd.), vanilla essence (Bush. Sucrose replacement of 30% by wheat fiber and rebaudioside A resulted in products close to the reference muffin. For storage studies, muffins with sugar; muffins with jag-, gery prepared with egg (84%) and jaggery (84%) were, cooled, packed separately in polypropylene pouches (150, gauge) and heat sealed. Even though the muffins, with jaggery were less soft, showed lower overa, score than the muffins with sugar, muffins with jaggery, were acceptable and both the muffins were found to be, microbiologically safe, as shown by the microbial load, (total mesophilic count and yeast and mold count) in the, possible to replace sugar with jaggery in muffins without, Jaggery or gur is a solid/semi-solid form of sugar obtained, by concentration of sugarcane juice in an open pan. lightness value of crust of jaggery muffins was reduced, with an increase in egg and jaggery concentration, while, redness of muffins crust was increased. The result of the study in both years showed that drying off period treatment resulted in gradual decline in soil moisture percentage. rebaudioside A and fibres for partial replacement in muffins. milk powder, maize semolina, and mixture 3 (wheat flour and sugar powder); cohesive—flour and mixture 1 (wheat flour and maize semolina); very cohesive—mixture 4 (wheat flour, cocoa, and sugar powder), and extremely cohesive—cocoa powder and mixture 2 (cocoa, sugar, and skim milk powder). De Souza VR, Pereira PAP, Pinheiro ACM, Bolini HMA, Borges SV, Queiroz F (2013) Analysis of various sweeteners in low-sugar, mixed fruit jam: equivalent sweetness, time intensity analysis, and acceptance test. The moisture, content of muffins even though decreased it was not sig-, nificant. Flour, maize semolina, and mixtures 1 and 3 did not show any susceptibility to caking, while sugar, skim milk powder, cocoa powder, and mixtures 2 and 4 showed an increasing cake height ratio indicating their susceptibility to caking. Was substituted 30% of wheat flour by resistant starch, which provides an excellent source of functional fiber to the final product. to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the cane jaggery is the product achieved from sugarcane, The limit of permissible quality characteristics of jaggery. Dif-. The softness of muffins was observed to increase, with an increase in jaggery and egg contents. methods of American Association of Cereal Chemists (9th ed. American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC) (2000) Approved. observed to increase with addition of sugar and jaggery. Boiling, roasting, pan baking or pounding were the common processing methods followed and deep frying was not a common method. Refined sugars are typically harmful for your health. analysis were purchased from Merck Specialities Pvt. Value, addition to jaggery in bakery products could fetch higher, prices in the market, even globally which could improve, the crop cultivation and increase the basic income of the, Sucrose is one of the main ingredients in sweet based, bakery products. However, the bread baked from WF, WF/IPF2 (wheat flour/Irish potato flour, 95 : 5%), andWF/SPF2 (wheat/sweet potato flour, 95 : 5%) was more acceptable than other blends.The use of hydrated potato flour in bread making is advantageous due to increased nutritional value, higher bread yield, and reduced rate of staling. The titrat-, able acidity of jaggery muffins was observed to increase, after 7 days of storage, while in the case of sugar muffins, the titratable acidity was increased at the end of storage, period. Values are means of three replicates, Photograph of muffins with sugar and jaggery, Effect of storage period on water activity (a, ) reported similar results in terms of sensory evalu-, ) had studied the formulation of chiffon cake with. Hence experts recommend that people living with respiratory issues should use jaggery instead of sugar as their daily sweetener. Sugar Techol 14:291–294, Ijah UJJ, Auta HS, Aduloju MO, Aransiola SA (2014) Microbiolog-, ical, nutritional, and sensory quality of bread produced from. It can be, concluded from these results that the jaggery muffins, showed lower value for lightness, higher values for redness, The sensory evaluation of jaggery muffins showed that, the crust colour of jaggery muffins with different levels of, egg was brown, crust shape was normal and crumb colour, to 84%, the crumb grain improved from medium fine to, fine uniform, texture from medium soft to soft, eating, quality from slight residue formation to clean mouthfeel.