What RCD fuse box should I need to install in my house which currently has an old style fuse box? ... An RCD (Residual-current device… These are automatic protection devices in the Main Switch Board or Fuse-Box … Distribution Board installation with RCD (Residual Current Device). Flick the switches, and eventually, the power comes back on. RCD, CB and MCB Circuit breaker Wiring Connection and Installation. what is the latest RCD fuse box and which regulations should it comply with? Fuse box is 3 years old, it has 2 rcd's and one has tripped. We have checked the fuses in the wall sockets and all ok. Is it possible to take out the rcd which won't reset and buy another one to replace it. Sound familiar? You struggle to get things out of the cupboard in the dark to find the fuse box. Wiring to and from boiler and cylinder and a fuse box … Just need some clarification... installing a 8kw electric shower, none previously fitted. only has a older style fuse/trip box (1989 build) In taking power from this fusebox, where should it come from and I was just going to install a separate RCD… If so how do you take the rcd out of the fuse box… This could mean an RCD keeps tripping randomly.