;) -Kate. I didn’t want to have some serious athletic injury like “Runner’s Bubble Knuckle” and NOT be bragging about it. What I thought was a wart was the callus built up over the bone. Yeah, maybe it does not cause any harm, but why should someone live with a lipoma or a cyst the size of a tennis ball? Nope, Karen. I got to deal with lice a few times. Not with a knife, but with Salicylic acid, the active ingredient that gets rid of warts by killing the skin. If your wart comes back, go to the doctor and get a treatment of Cantharone Plus. I wasn’t looking forward to having a doctor dig a hole out of my foot so I tried to dig a hole out of my foot myself. boy oh boy-on the subject of the reality of being an organism with weird adventures in bothersome yuckies. Who knew there were so many DYI treatments for so many afflictions. Thanks for all the info sharing! Duct tape to fix a plantar wart? That looks like a corn to me rather than a plantar wart. The kind of injury an elegant, elite marathoner would get. When I chatted with my doctor about this wacky (yet ridiculously simple) cure, she agreed there is “something” in duct tape that breaks down the wart. Evidently bowel impactions rate at the bottom-of emergencies-so at 6:00 pm I finally told the receptionist that if I couldn’t be seen I needed to go home. I’m also a runner. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try so every day right when he got out of a shower and the skin was still soft I put some tea tree oil on it, straight from the bottle. They were named Bitey and Jones. Remove the wart pads from the kit and peel one off. So true about the elderly thing, although I’ve been getting them since high school if it makes you feel any better. The Salicylic acid pad placed over the … let’s call it a beauty mark from now on … I just feel better about it that way. The question is: did the plantar wart go away after Judy’s impaction was dug out?!! It came as a shock to discover that I’m a 15 year old boy on a swim team. Now doctors give out prescriptions and secretly Google for answers while you’re changing back into your clothes. We will need to talk to a doctor to figure out what the best option would be. Doesn’t hurt and works great. Pooping is important, lol. Pulling out plantar warts with tweezers Because Evidently I’m Gross. All Rights Reserved. Ok, this is embarrassing…I had a tag mole on the inside of one of my thighs. I think it is a corn! Replace the cotton ball in the morning. Eventually it became infected and I was unable to put my heel down – had to wear a slipper to my bank teller job that day. I strongly suggest you don’t use that for tag moles! Yes, the over the counter treatment works fine, and repeated treatments can be necessary If you have a big wart or a cluster of little ones. Especially rubber boots & sneakers. I could spend the $10 on medicine. Obviously, this only works with smaller skin tags, and you want sharp nail clippers. A few years ago I had something that looked like what you’re calling a plantar wart. That formula that worked for me 20 years ago when I had a huge plantars wart on my heel. My baby toe is turned in slightly so the bone always rubs a little on the inside of the toe next to it, hence the corn. My pharmacist recommended the cheapest one on the shelf because it came with a tiny Salicylic pad and bandaids which would work well for the bizarre “between my toes” plantar wart. Tape the cotton ball in place with athletic tape, and leave it on overnight. He also told me to spray the inside of all my closed shoes with Lysol. Dry them up and they fall off or?? Not something to be ignored. So I did. You’re welcome for not including that photo. Didn’t take too long. I spent from 8 am till 3 pm in the bathroom trying to give birth to something stuck in my poop chute. Hi Sabrina! It also worked more recently on a wart my 7 year old son had on the bottom of his foot. Which is even worse. Written by Karen. Google has other info and techniques. Also, being a runner, I too thought it was a running injury (amazing how painful that little bugger is) but my podiatrist told me it was a corn. It’ll either be a regular oblong bandaid or a round, soft pad bandaid. It has been there for over a year, and I largely ignored it, thinking it was a corn. ~ karen! Normally only seen on children and people who walk barefoot around wet locker rooms while while trying to hide their tube of Proactiv. Cover your Salicylic pad with the provided bandaid. →Follow me on Instagram where I often make a fool of myself←. It worked. I would apply it to the “beauty marks” before she went to bed and she would wear socks to help it soak in and not make a mess, worked great!