Move your plant to a shady area even if it is a full-sun plant. To save the plant, you’ll need to learn about the signs of overwatering.Usually, the symptoms of excess watering are similar to underwatering, but you can easily observe that you were overwatering by checking out the soil and drainage. These should be easily recognizable. Photograph: selimaksan/Getty Images. 474 311 63. Yellow leaves, mushy or loose bark on the plant stems and molds that appear on the top of the soil are also indicators of overwatering. Attached Files: 20170331_203929.jpg File size: 2.1 MB Views: 239. Overwatered Plant Recovery! Sun 12 Nov 2017 01.00 EST. Be easy on me it's my first go around. Tree watering is a key part of tree care, but it’s difficult to specify how much water trees need. 20170331_203858.jpg File size: 2.3 MB Views: 206. Nov 24, 2016 #1 okay so I need the farms help again! No more: a suffering bonsai tree. 20170331_203929.jpg File size: 2.1 MB Views: 184. Remove any dead or dying leaves. First 3 pictures are of the over watered plants the last 2 are of my healthly plants. It’s possible to correct an over watering issue if the plant hasn’t been stressed too severely. Lol Thanks everyone. Overwatered plants often look dried out, leading to even more watering. No two trees are alike, and several factors and conditions will impact how much water a tree requires. Joined: Nov 18, 2009 Messages: 42 Likes Received: 10 #7 ch053n, Jan 16, 2010. Since then, I've removed the soaker hose he put there, and have been letting it dry out. This will allow oxygen to reach the root zone. However, the landlord overwatered one of the bushes for several months. The age, size, location, climate, soil, and type of tree play a part in how much to water your tree. I was thinking of just getting another one of those lights I … How to Save an Over-Watered Plant. Wilted, overwatered plants are not always a lost cause. If you see yellowing leaves and soft and limp plant, this could be one of the signs of overwatering. It's now got some kind of fungus or root-rot which causes it to look unhealthy and the leaves on some branches to turn yellow. The most common signs of overwatering are wilting leaves and a pot that feels heavy due to soggy soil. It doesn't seem to be getting better though. The vermiculite or I use perlite is an excellent suggestion and will help to prevent over watering. It doesn't LOOK like your tree is in any immediate danger of expiring, but symptoms made manifest by ongoing limitations commonly lag the cause by weeks to months. If you notice signs of overwatering, you are going to want to try to restore your overwatered lawn as fast as possible. James Wong. Check your pot for proper drainage and, if possible, create additional air space around the roots. ch053n Registered User. An over-watered plant may appear healthy at first, but soon otherwise healthy leaves begin to drop off and the roots and lower stems become mushy. Necrotic leaf tips and margins are far more often than not a symptom of over-watering and/or … As a rule of thumb - the worse the condition the more drastic the treatment. 20170331_205821.jpg Overwatering your lawn can be a significant problem and can have a considerable impact on the health of your lawn, drowning the grass and causing yellowed or even bare patches. Thread starter bankcee; Start date Nov 24, 2016; Tagged users None bankcee. Depending upon how far gone your overwatered plant is will depend on the treatment given.