. .BETTER. YOU'VE HAD GOOD. Before you smoke your bologna, score your meat with the tip of a sharp knife. You'll be hard pressed to find real Lebanon bologna anywhere else in the country. Our Lebanon Bologna is 100% Beef No poultry, pork, or fillers. .NOW TRY THE BEST! Lancaster Bolognas. Ranging from Lebanon, Farm Style, Old Fashioned Sweet and Ring Bologna, Weaver’s has the supply to feed any size gathering. Click to View Large: Lancaster County Lebanon Bologna. .BETTER. In recent decades, while the quality of bologna on the market has changed somewhat, Petit Jean's bologna is still the same high-quality, old-style beef and pork product it has always been. Click here to buy . Harvey Seltzer's original recipe has been handed down through generations, and his descendants continue to provide the high quality taste for which Seltzer's Lebanon Bologna are renowned. .NOW TRY THE BEST! $23.99 per two pound bologna . This will enable your smoke and seasonings to penetrate your bologna much better. All hardwood smoked - the old fashioned way! Bologna; Smoked Sausage; Red Smoked Sausage; Fresh Country Sausage; Chili; About Us. Dietrich's has a wide variety of smoked meats. Lebanon Bologna and Sweet Bologna. Pro Tips: The best place to purchase an entire roll of bologna is at a deli. Most grocery stores only offer pre-sliced bologna. Dietrich's has a wide variety of smoked meats. Original Lebanon Bologna Double-Smoked Sweet Lebanon Bologna NEW! The perfect compliment to any sandwich or platter, our smoked bologna pairs well with cheeses, sandwiches and sides alike. You can buy the less expensive stuff in the supermarket or you can go with a “higher quality” (I use that term loosely) bologna made with all beef if you prefer. . Make certain you remove the red wax or any exterior packaging from your bologna. S. Clyde Weaver aims to offer a smoked meat for every customer. Bologna continues to be one of Petit Jean's signature products. Applewood smoked sweet bologna is full of flavor and is great for sandwiches, cubing for party trays, or simply snacking on with cheese and pretzels. History; Press Releases; Sports Venues; Testimonials; Specials; Where to Buy; Online Orders; Contact Us; Bologna Since 1941 Carolina Packers has been producing a variety of great foods, including sausages, bologna, chili, Red Hots, and our famous Bright Leaf Red Hot Dogs. Smoked Meats and More. . Seltzer's Lebanon Bologna. Smoked Meats and More. YOU'VE HAD GOOD. Bologna comes in all shapes and sizes and even in a variety of flavors. .