I had a few follow up questions I wanted to ask out of my own curiosity: Enter your phone number and/or email and we’ll send you a message when there’s an update to this question! Technology Transaction Contract Negotiator. Being a lawyer is a great opportunity to be an expert in something and use your skills to make a difference to people's lives. Therefore my personal status, that besides depends on the success and rating of the institution, will provide additional opportunities to my community. 1. What language would you like to translate to? The knowledge and skills gained from … Not only have I found a career that allows me to be an advocate, I have found a career that allows me to constantly learn and grow. To illustrate the range, in one day, a lawyer may have to study the fine print of a form to make sure all the details are correct and also advise her client about the general legal risks of embarking on a particular business strategy. I was also interested in helping people like Phi noted above, which is why I was pursuing a career as a psychologist. One reason I became a lawyer is that I discovered that my strengths were in analyzing problems and advising others. These opportunities will help you decide if something is the right fit that you want to pursue. So, not only have I needed to understand the law, I've needed to understand my client's business. The degree from one of the most prestigious, superior and respected universities is my chance to enrich my knowledge and professionally outgrowth, and thereby contribute to the development of the humanity and the strengthening of the values of human rights and fundamental freedoms, in my native country and throughout the world. I'm interested in becoming a lawyer for several reasons, I would want to hear why others chose this as a career and became successful. I have already done much for social improvement of my community as volunteer, author of projects, member of NGO, secretary of student parliament and deputies assistant; but life changes and new challenges require new ideas, knowledge, skills and partners. Whatever field you choose, it is rewarding. The project is based on my research which allowed evaluating the degree of human rights violation in the Georgia and applying a number of measures of their solution, and consequently increasing a level of social welfare. Much of what I do in my career is normally done by attorneys. As a leader of the youth community and a member of NGO I have a lot of goals and plans. Good luck! I was able to use that opportunity to catapult in to a career in Administrative Law. The answer is simple. I would encourage you to go. An error occurred while translating. But, I found that I wanted to be able to help people in more of an advocacy role than I could as a psychologist. Large role in the promotion of social projects has the status of leader, their credibility, especially in the case of projects the national and international level. Hi Sheila, thank you for the amazing advice you provided to Norma above! I also really enjoy reading, writing, and analysis. in Law program is a perfect chance to develop both my personal and professional experience by interacting with top students and leaders of other nationalities, discovering new culture and traditions. I am writing to apply for the Bachelor of Arts in Law program, in which I am very interested. Please try again. While working in the public sector we all strive for positive changes in our society. We found online interesting and very motivating letter for University application for Bachelor in Law programme offered by the Cambridge University. I decided then that I wanted to be an intellectual property lawyer. Turned out to be a great choice. When it was time, I studied Law and Public Policy in my Graduate program. I took a bit of a leap of faith, left graduate school, and went to law school. It sounds cliche but the main reason I became an attorney was to help people. From the very beginning of my public activity I’m engaging social projects aimed at protecting citizens and especially youth and children. Whether or not you’re a Deadhead, it’s … Georgia is my native country. Motivational letters for job and university application. I am a human rights activist, master in photography, and creator of my fortune. I also enjoyed the study of law and learning about how an argument could be made on both sides of any case. in Law program will be able to be applied in the future in order to become a professional; I could help people and teams to develop their own potential, to overcome obstacles and to achieve their goals.