If so, you should be able to remove your work from the machine in a way that it is done for you. Also great if you are sewing belt loops on jeans. You have several options for this stitch, since there are 3 places to put your 2 needles. Regarding Lisa’s question, I bought the 2000 specifically for the tension release lever, which I did not find on the 1000. I decided to fork up the money and buy the Janome Coverpro. I have the 1000CPX and echo the learning curve sentiment — wowzas!!! Basically, a serger is used for creating + finishing seams – it has a knife blade that cuts the excess fabric so threads can wrap around the edge. Thank you, I’m a novice and had no idea. Good observation. It’s arriving on Thursday. Like parallel parking a car for the first time, yes it’s a hot mess in the beginning. You’re totally right about just getting to know your machine, have no fear and conquer! Definitely think it’s worth looking into more.. Congrats on the purchase! I agree with everything you say about the Coverpro, not one day have I regretted buying it, it’s so straight forward and consistent in it’s performance that a lot of my coverstitch angst has gone away . Can’t wait. When the coverstitch function broke on my Pfaff Coverstyle and the repair shop said that they no longer could get hold of the spare part. Dit I stumble upon one rotten apple? They are a pain to use (you have to pretty much disassemble them each time you want to switch between machines) and cost the same as having 2 separate machines. At least in the US, there is a substantial price difference between ordering the 1000 online and purchasing the 2000, which is not yet online. One of the nice features of this machine is that the looper has a tab to pull it out so you can more easily thread it (unlike some sergers where you have to use tweezers to weasel the thread in the looper hole under the needle plate, lord, I’m getting the sweats just thinking about that shit lol). Honestly, I can’t answer that question for you – it depends on how much you sew, your budget, and the amount of space you have to store one. Narrow or wide (shown above is wide), left or right. They are just very cheaply made, and this is a very obvious example of getting what you pay for. AVAILABLE FROM YOUR EXPERT JANOME RETAILER Type of Stitches Triple cover stitch (3-needle 4-thread) Wide Cover Stitch (2-needle 3-thread) Narrow Cover Stitch (2-needle 3-thread) Chain Stitch (1-needle 2-thread) CoverPro 2000CPX 2000CPX Features Free Arm Facility The detachable sewing table easily slides out of the way to reveal the free arm. I have an ovation and I find changing from the overlock to coverstitch is a pain. I hoped you found my Janome Coverpro 2000 review useful. Would love a tutorial on that if you could make one please! This is probably the stitch you will use the most. I feel like the only people who like that Brother serger have also never used a nice serger, so they don’t have a good comparison (and once they do use a better serger, they end up getting rid of the Brother haha). Once you are finished sewing, you pull the needle threads to the back and knot them by hand. I came here to tell you the same thing so I’m glad you figured it out . Inside the looper door … Brother 2340CV Coverstitch Serger, Sturdy Metal Frame, 1,100 Stitches Per Minute, Trim Trap, 1 Inclu… Thanks. You can read my review here and or watch my video review of the Janome 2000 […], […] My review of the 3-needle Janome Coverpro 2000CPX […]. My coverstitch videos. Hubby found an American version which he copied from the internet. There are definitively different price ranges when it comes to sewing machines depending where you live in the world. Heard such good things about coverstitch machines.