to shimmer through, reveal) is a lightweight, balanced plain-woven sheer fabric, or gauze, like gossamer, woven of alternate S- and Z-twist crepe (high-twist) yarns. This fabric is one of the world’s most popular textiles, and it is used in thousands of different consumer and industrial applications. Polyester chiffon and silk chiffon are both very popular variants of the fabric. In many ways, the fiber type is the key factor: it influences the way your lining feels to the touch, the way it sews and drapes, its breathability and – last but not the least – the price point. US $3.00. Silk chiffon fabric, for instance, remains the most expensive type of this textile, and it can be more than twice as expensive as chiffon fabric made from polyester or rayon. 1.Quality and Competitive Price. Soft and Breathable Printed Chiffon Fabric Not Transparent Polyester Material Chiffon Fabric Chiffon Textiles 5 Yards 0.0 Store: Victory lace & wax fabric manufacturer Store Store. High quality 100% Polyester Soft Light Blue Chiffon Fabric Breathable For Summer Dress / Pants from China, China's leading stretch chiffon fabric product, with strict quality control silk chiffon fabric factories, producing high quality silk chiffon fabric products. The best thing about PUL fabrics is that it is completely waterproof, very durable, breathable with a slight cross grain stretch and you can easily wear it next to the skin, because the fabric side is soft, flexible and comfortable. Chiffon (French: ; English: / ʃ ɪ ˈ f ɒ n /, shif-ON (French chiffe cloth, or rag; Arabic شف šīff transparent, diaphanous, translucent fabric, or gauze; (عن 'an However, polyester chiffon is more widely used because of its resilience and much lower cost – despite being more difficult to dye. US $26.47. It is defined by the type of weave, twist and weight of the yarns used. Chemically, polyester is a polymer primarily composed of compounds within the ester functional group. When cost is not an issue, designers generally tend to favour silk chiffon because of its luxurious quality. PUL is a polyester fabric with a plastic backing coated with a thin waterproof /water resistant coating. All of Our Factories Build Up the Perfect Production System to … Silk, viscose, acetate, polyester and rayon are among the most popular fibers used for lining materials. Chiffon is a lightweight, sheer, plain woven fabric that can be made from cotton, silk or synthetic fibers. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that’s usually derived from petroleum. High Breathable Soft And Thin Crepe Chiffon Fabric/100%Polyester Crepe Chiffon Fabric/ Crepe Chiffon Fabric . We Have Our Own Weaving Factory, Dyeing Factory, Coating Factory and Bonding Factory. US $41.36-36%. While some consumers believe that this increased price is well worth it, others prefer relatively inexpensive alternatives like polyester or cotton chiffon fabric. Chiffon fabric is usually used for evening wear, blouses, ribbons, scarves, and lingerie.