Iron is essential in making healthy blood cells as well as in preventing anemia. Read more about the crucial role of this vitamin in promoting brain function and protecting against dementia in this recent AYCE article. So make black pudding part of your Mediterranean diet lifestyle! Further afield, blood was, until fairly recently, a regular part of the diet of the Maasai people of East Africa, along with meat, milk and yogurt. We have a few more interesting black pudding recipes for you to embrace this “superfood” with. "Black pudding is a good source of protein, essential for building strong muscles, repairing tissue and maintaining an effective immune and hormonal system. That said, black pudding does pack a calorie punch due to its high fat content. Blood is bloody good for you. Because in reality, it is both delicious and nutritious, and not just for breakfast. Fat gives food flavour, and that’s something black pudding has in abundance. Are you hesitant to try black pudding still? Could Parasites be the Cause of Your Irritable Bowel Syndrome? So cheap too. F ry-up fans have something to cheer about in 2016 - the humble black pudding is now being hailed as a 'superfood' thanks to its nutritional benefits.. Black pudding does have some benefits. In fact, blood is quite similar to eggs. Black pudding is also proposed to be a good source of other minerals, such as magnesium, zinc and calcium, as well as providing protein. Reliance on non-haem iron alone is a risky strategy, and deficiency likely. The pathophysiological relationships between zinc status and depression, and the potential benefits of zinc supplementation in depressed patients, warrant further investigation.”. These two metals are also found together in natural foods, and the richest dietary source is red meat, which is where you’ll also find their co-worker, vitamin B12. It’s being touted as “the next bacon” and “the superfood of 2018,” so it’s kind of a big deal. Any statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and any information or products discussed are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease or illness. It couldn’t be easier. Black Pudding is the best way to start a day! Lack of zinc is associated with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, but also with psychiatric disorders such as depression. Important Disclaimer: The information contained on Happy Body Formula is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Haem is the form found only in animal-source foods, and non-haem the form found in both animal and plant source foods. its basically a mixture of spices and blood morned into a sausage shape for all you out there that dont know and its like any other food in so much as too much of it is bad for you but it is really nice. As recently as the 1970s their good health was considered something of an enigma. First, consider the difference between polyunsaturated fatty acids in conventionally raised pork (most pork in the U.S.) and pastured pigs; approximately 8.7% to 32% according to the Weston A. Despite consuming a diet consisting of 66% fat, post mortem examinations by researchers found no sign of cardiovascular disease. Are you a fan or not? The way I first heard about it was seeing it made in a video, I said I had to try it.,. Skip to content. Olive oil is considered the key component of the famous Mediterranean diet. What is black pudding and what are the nutrition benefits of the stuff? Black pudding is full of pre-digested, bioavailable nutrients, especially iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. Just slice and fry for a few minutes on each side. Of all the black pudding ingredients, you might be keen to call oatmeal the healthiest of them all. If it isn’t organic, choose free range – and ask the manufacturer about the source of the blood. In case you’re not, black pudding is a type of blood sausage. Of all the black pudding ingredients, you might be keen to call oatmeal the healthiest of them all. They liked to call a spade a spade, back in the day. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Bottom line? These vitamins are quite difficult to get in our diets with the exception of some red meat and fish, so eat up! It’s most commonly consumed in Ireland, Great Britain and other parts of Europe. Hailed as a SUPERFOOD by several leading UK newspapers… Black Pudding is ‘surprisingly good for you’according to The Daily Telegraph. Black pudding is also quite high in protein, coming in around 15 grams per 4 slices of the stuff. Please consult a healthcare practitioner before making changes to your diet or taking supplements that may interfere with medications. Gives you strength and fixes you right up very quickly. Not surprisingly, deficiencies of these particular nutrients tend to occur simultaneously. These three are also involved in building the protective sheaths of myelin that are wrapped around each neuron. Because iron is required for red blood cell formation, iron-deficiency anaemia is one likely outcome. Bacon ,black pudding and fruity curry sauce and crusty bed to wipe up the curry. And of course vitamin B12, the other partner in this team. ©2020 Happy Body Formula,   Privacy policy. Your email address will not be published. Don’t knock it ’til you try it. You may not believe it, but black pudding is truly a beneficial food that is good for you?