I guess even the writers don't know. This allows for Tim’s 16th birthday to still take place where it originally was meant to (in Robin #116, July, Bat Year 18), thus eliminating most inconsistencies regarding his age up to that point. Tim becomes Robin in 2001 at age 11. (Admittedly, I do think, now re-glancing at this article, that it is a tad out of date and needs some editing, which I will definitely do—so thanks for brining it to my attention.) Then he would have entered his freshman year of high school at age 14 (and 1 month). I’ve been making my own DC/batfamily timeline & Tim really just made it impossible lmao :””). Dick Grayson – born in 1981, debuts as Robin in 1994 at age 13 send you an email once approved. Thus, by the time we reach Flashpoint, Tim has turned 21-years-old. He'll be as old as you want him to be, but usually a young adult, a teenager at the mid-to-higher end of his teens. So 14 or 15. Hey, Collin. Yet the use of contradicting principles is what ostensibly has occurred. Talia al Ghul – born between 1976 and 1979 Therefore, in order to be ten-years-old in 2009, Damian would have to have been born in 1999 (where I have his birth). New 52 he's 16 albeit mature enough for a 17 year old Wonder Girl. Character » Also, I was wondering which year each person turns into their respective hero or villain role. This is easily doable as Tim could have taken home study/home school/online classes during One Year Later (and I think he came back early from that anyways) and he wasn't in No Mans Land for the entire thing.. Also the Red Robin comics were only 26 issues long and in Red Robin #10, Vicki Vale states that "[Tim hadn't] attended for weeks". With that discrepancy in lengths, the ages have to shift accordingly. Both had their first appearance around the same time Tim as a 13 year old in Batman #440 (October 89), Lonnie as a 12 year old in Detective Comics #606 (November 89). When Tim was Red Robin (RR #12) he became an emancipated minor meaning he couldn't have been more than 17 at the time. In “Bruce Wayne: Murderer,” Oracle tells us that Tim is 15. Thats just it, theres no way to measure how much time passes "in universe". Now it appears that Tim Drake SHOULD announce his identity change and the reasons behind it in Issue #8 coming to comic book shops on September 4th. If we take these as minimum 4.5 years has past make him no less than 17.5 years old. It’s as simple as that. Helena Bertinelli born 1977 If 52 is literally one year long, how is it possible that Tim didn’t age a year older during that year? 2002 Tim becomes Robin They haven't seen each other till over three decades later. Tim’s next appearance is his debut in Batman #440 where he is 13-years-old. 1992 adopts 12yo Dick Bruce forbade Tim to be Robin again. If you are a fan of what you see, please show some support on Patreon if you can! However, a more elegant solution, and the one I’ve taken on my Modern Age timeline, is retconning Tim’s debut as Robin as occurring a month or two before Tim turns 11-years-old (in Bat Year 13). Discrepancies between my site and others not only stem from personal headcanon fanwanking/retconning, but also from continuity errors within the comics. Characters age when they are needed to age. By the time Tim becomes Red Robin, he is still 17, but soon to be 18. However, throughout the Robin books and other titles we are given dates (like him being in each year of HS) and explanations as to why he was in High School for so long, like transfering back and forth between several schools, schools be closed, etc. Otherwise as i said, batman would be over 100. I have teenage Bruce leaving earlier (by forging documents) to train at age 14 in 1977. Damian becomes Robin in 2010. So Ives would have been a maximum of 1 year behind which means Tim would have been the same. Tim celebrates his Sweet 16 in Robin #116. In Anarky vol 2 it is said that Lonnie was 16 when the Earthquake destroyed Gotham, Tim on the other hand was still 15 in Bruce Wayne: Murderer?. Another way to track his age is Sebastian Ives, one of his friends and schoolmates. While leading the Teen Titans against the ruthless Superboy-Prime, Tim Drake would lose one of his closest friends and team members, Conner Kent. When Tim was nine years old, he stumbled upon Batman and Robin fighting The Penguin and recognized Robin as Dick Grayson when he saw him perform a complex acrobatic move. Copyrighted materials have been applied under laws set forth by the US Copyright Office—either for educational circumstances or as a fair use. Because of this, the number of years Batman has been active should always be within a couple years of Tim’s age. Because of the these differences, which are based on a logical straightforward reading of the comics, Tim’s age—along with some other character ages—becomes problematic. Keep that in mind as we forge ahead. Though your timeline is more realistic as to how much can really happen in a year no more than 4 years passed between your year 13 and year 23. Bear in mind, I’m not trying to define or redefine Batman character ages willy-nilly—I’m simply attempting to construct and/or suggest a detailed, unambiguous canon. @saturnssailor: Dick and Jason both 11 or 12 when thy became robin. 2015 Bruce is now 52 (New 52), Bruce Wayne born 1963 When he was a young child, he visited the circus for the first time with his parents. Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown are a superhero couple that has endured supervillains, growing pains, and even a faked death. Bruce dies and Dick becomes Batman w/ Damian as Robin, 14 at the time of the second Mini series (he is shown to be in 9th grade), its hard to pin down when he turned 15, probably either during the third miniseries or around Knight Fall, he became 16 arround Hush (so he was probably 15 during most of his Robin career). So if we would go by the time that actually passed in Universe Tim would have most likely turned 18 in between Nomans Land and Fugative. It was less the emancipated part that I was focusing on than the "minor." Even in the Red Robin series where Tim is referred to as a minor, this is totally legitimate if we think of the term “minor” to mean “under 21.” On our 23-year-timeline, Tim is 20-years-old (with his 21st birthday happening in July of 2011) during the the Red Robin series. Helena Bertinelli – born in 1977, debuts as Huntress in 1998 at age 21 Let’s use Damian as an example. I don't when Damian was conceived and if he grew up at a normal rate or not, but that could possibly be a way of finding out characters ages in relation to him and what was happening when he was concieved. He deduced Batman's identity as Dick's adoptive father, Bruce Wayne, and began watching them from afar. Character » Tim Drake appears in 2653 issues. I have Jason being adopted by Bruce in 1998 (also at age 12, going on 13). Year 20/21 = Infinite Crisis (Bruce is age 45) and 52 occurs... the starting point is mid year. I wonder if there’s any hint of Alfred’s and Gordon’s ages in the modern age. She was trying to make it sound as bad as possible so in all likeliness he had been gone for less than a month at that point ( If it had been more she would have said "in over a month"), but to stay on the safe side lets call it 9 weeks which is just barely under being able to say months.