Perhaps it depends on the fruit. Another way to thicken the sauce is to add another ingredient or two at the beginning of the fermentation process. I used an electric juicer one year. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Highbush Cranberry Barbecue Sauce There is a rainbow of edible berries that grow wild here in Alaska's Interior and throughout the state. This delicious whole cranberry sauce takes just a few minutes to make. This easy recipe can be made with either wild or commercial cranberries. This makes a good glaze for wild meat, foul, fish and even use as salad dressing. Place in heavy stainless steel pot and boil gently until berries are soft (about an hour). The highbush cranberry is not to everyone's liking, but neither is coconut. The trick is to extract as much juice as possible from the berries. Regular cranberries really need to get cooked or pureed to become cranberry sauce like we think of in the U.S. and the naturally cook into a thick mash. Mash berries and strain through cheese cloth or colander. It can be used right away or canned in preserving jars for later use. Step 1: Gather or Purchase Cranberries. It uses twelve ounces of cranberries, which is the amount found in most commercially sold bags of cranberries. In the highbush cranberry pie recipe listed below, the writer says she always leaves them in and the pie is amazing. Chutneys, sauces, jams and other acidic fruit preserves are a refreshingly tart way to brighten up a winter meal. Highbush cranberries are still plentiful in the area. There are people who have been harvesting the same highbush cranberries for generations and I’ve come across a number of promising recipes. Add 1 cup brown sugar to 1-1/2 cup strained juice. Highbush Cranberry Recipes. I happened to find myself with 5 gallons of low-bush cranberries… Highbush Cranberry Sauce - Lori Richards . Not every kind of berry is plentiful every year, but one that I can really depend on is the highbush cranberry. If you are gathering wild cranberries, wait until the berries are red with no white showing. But this recipe uses 25% less sugar than that called for in most of the packaging recipes. For each 4 cups high bush cranberries add 1 cup water. They are one of my favorite ingedients to work with. One way to thicken the sauce is to start with a larger volume of highbush cranberry juice than the recipe calls for and reduce it down a bit, 25% of it’s volume would be a good start. Highbush cranberry juice is much more liquid, so to get it anywhere near the same consistency you’d probably need to cook down a thick coulis (fresh fruit puree) or thicken the juice with something, which is what I do here.