… GRANDIA Walkthrough; Spirit Sanctuary; What is the Underground Railway Ruins ? Now she is at 32/28 and still hasn't learned the skill. the battle between Granas and Valmar: two scientists and friends that ripped a hole into the Spirit Sanctuary and forced the Spirits to give them power. she was sitting at 31/27. Is it unlocked later on still or am I missing something? +7 Attack. That happened 1000 years before the story of Grandia 2. The boss is "Mage King" with a "Wand" in his hand. These festive chats allow party members (et al) to converse about current events -- it breeds an adventurous spirit! The trio traverse several puzzles and find themselves in the Room of Truth, from here Liete informs Justin that he, the chosen one must alone ask the Spirits for assistance. * The north-east area highlighted by the red dotted line is like a maze (refer to the Walkthrough section below). When I got to the story where it finally unlocks the "????" You will find the Gaia at the innermost part of the ruins. Found in Spirit Sanctuary. Wobbly Sword-125: 1: Found in Leck Mines (2). Legends: S - Save Point, V - DungeonScope. Defeat the penultimate boss. Final Foe. If you go west, you can pick up "Revival Stone (1)" and "Force Knife (2)". Grandia by Edward_Tohr ‹ Part #195 Part #197 › Return to LP Index. Then you will leave the Spirit Sanctuary to find yourself at the entrance of J Base. [HD]Grandia Walkthrough Part 141: Spirit Sanctuary - YouTube Welp, that was a short dungeon, guess there's nothing to d-Oh. Entered near the finale of the game, the Spirit Sanctuary houses the power of the Spirits and it where the coveted Spirit Sword is located. In response the Spirits carve the Spirit Sword from a fragment of the Spirit Stone which is presented to Justin. The Sword Himmler-1400: 2: Gadwin Begins with this. Fruit of Power-150: Found in East Rangle Mountains. Once Lilly's interrogation ends, it's upstairs for a sit-down meal, a Grandia series hallmark. Swordfish Sword: 4500: 2250: 2: Bought in Dight. https://grandia.fandom.com/wiki/Spirit_Sanctuary?oldid=18612. An unused battle background in the Spirit Sanctuary, A battle background in the Spirit Sanctuary. The Spirit Sanctuary is entered through the Gate of the Spirits which is opened up within the city walls of Zil Padon, the Spirits deem Justin worthy to enter the Spirit Sanctuary in order to defeat Gaia and create a new world. Which is why Time Gate is so weird. +2 Max MP (all levels) (permanently) for one character. Obtained at the end of the Spirit Sanctuary dungeon. Defeated Gaia Trent. The Spirit Sanctuary is a location in Grandia. New paths:You may find yourself at a dead-end and nowhere else to go, but if you retrace you will find a new path that lead elsewhere. +24 Attack. Spirit Sanctuary is where the Embodied One is allowed to enter. Part 197: Spirit Sanctuary 2. Once you reach the DungeonScope, you have to choose from two routes in which only one is correct. The party then depart through a portal leading to the J-Base. The Spirits have deemed Justin fit to enter, so The Gate of Spirits opened in Jil Padon. CmdrKing posted: Really it should read more like this. Underground Railway Ruins is an Angelounian ruin found under the J Base. Okay then. However the boss' HP is not that high, it would be quicker to just keep on attacking rather than wasting your time to evade. There are 3 types of achievements in Grandia. During his ascent, Justin thinks about the past and what lies in the future but once he arrives at the top of the room he asks the Spirits to help him build a new future. Found in Gaia (2). Grandia Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Divide Beam is a range attack (in straight line), so in theory your party members should spread apart. Justin and the party uses the same portal to exit out of the sanctuary, this portal opens out at the entrance of the J-Base. After Justin is visited by his companions in Zil Padon, the Spirits arrive and open up a portal to the Spirit Sanctuary. Part 196: Spirit Sanctuary 1 Welcome back! Dropped by Jackal and Dragon Knight. Once there, it was time for the “dawn” part of the story. They became "as Gods" and fought each other for supremacy. +70 Attack; Restores SP greatly while you attack. The Spirit Sanctuary holds some of the most powerful equipment in the game as well as a handful of stat increasing items.