The cable unwraps off the back of the drum between the drum and the wall and travels down beside the door, inside the track brackets and behind the roller stems as … Drums possess the most complex array of tones out of almost any instrument and as a result, recording them is a real challenge. The Beta 181/BI ships with a figure 8 capsule for mono drum overhead and dual instrument sound source applications, as well as Blumlein stereo technique (pair of BETA 181/BI). Example 8.11: Capstan A device called a capstan is used aboard ships in order to control a rope that is under great tension. With ribbon mics, the physical make up of the design often requires a figure-8 polar pattern. Page 5 of 11 8/10/2017 Version 1.0 Figure 6. Let’s try to figure out what this really means. In this video Jae Daniel shows us his drum miking techniques. The room position (a minimum of 10′ from the kit) has the most ambience and sounds farthest away. How to mic drums, selecting the right drum mics & more. The cracked products leave as an overhead stream and coke deposits on the inner surface of the drum. If you like ribbon mics for their sound, the figure-8 pattern simply comes as part of the package. You may find that mic a little more handy as an overhead in figure 8. Although it's a ribbon it always strikes me as being too bright, and certainly doesn't sound like a classic figure-8 ribbon. The rope is wrapped around a fixed drum of radius R , usually for several turns (Figure 8.45 shows about three fourths turn as seen from overhead). To give continuous operation, two drums are used; while one is onstream, the other is being cleaned. Just beyond the cable drum is the end bearing plate. The drum is cast aluminum alloy 4" in diameter and 13" in circumference around the flat portion. The three best locations for this rather important piece are as a room mike, a drummer’s perspective mike, and a front-of-kit mike. The challenge of M-S is that one of the two microphones is not pointed at the drum kit. The figure-of-8 mic is positioned so the drums are in the mic's … I am not sure that a figure 8 is the best way to mic toms. The high and low toms don't get farther apart. If you can track down an old M260 -- they're discontinued now -- I actually prefer those for both drums and vocals. He offers up overhead miking tips, how to reduce bleed of the ever-present hi hat, why he uses multiple microphones on the kick drum, and more. If you do mic the toms with it,(414 sounds great) Then I would suggest cardioid or hypercardioid, depending on what other instruments you hear with the mic. The front-of-kit (approximately 2′ back from the kick and 4′ up), meanwhile, is the punchiest. What are the best overhead drum mics? The room gets bigger, but the drums sound less direct. I am recording my friend Chris Chamness in the studio and was able to use the V44S as the overhead mic for Shayne Cordevant's drum kit. The stereo configuration of figure-eight … And it’s no wonder — with a very natural yet warm sound, it’s a great choice for guitar amps, brass, and drum overheads. The BETA 181/BI Figure 8 Compact Side-Address Instrument Microphone from Shure is a durable, small diaphragm, electret condenser microphone with an interchangeable capsule design. The bullwheel drums may be tilted or offset so that the offset will be approximately one‐half the groove spacing4. Conductor pulldown. Figure 7. Bullwheel Only dual drum multi‐groove bullwheel tensioners are recommended for multilayered conductor3. I love a Beyer M160 on electric guitar, but I've never warmed to it as a drum overhead. ... a figure 8 [polar pattern]. The temperature in the coke drum ranges from 415°C to 450°C (780–840°F) at pressures from 15 to 90 psi. For stereo recording, figure-8 mics are required to perform both the Blumlein Pair, and Mid/Side stereo techniques.