Messages 476. Fender neck pocket (left & right sides) with slight gaps, Fitment wise, for those who believe the neck pocket should be free of gaps, Fender slips a little compared to G&L. Fender has beefed up its vintage bridge and includes the option to string though the body. Diese können mit einer American Standard oder American DLX in keinster Wiese mithalten. Fender American Professional remplace la série American Standard. CHD Member. The American Professional series replaces the American Standard series, and the bass lineup consists of 4-string and 5-string fretted Jazz Bass and Precision Bass models, as well as a fretless 4-string Jazz model. Departing slightly from the classic design, Fender has modernized its tuning keys to be smaller and lighter, which potentially allows the instrument to balance better by minimizing neck dive. A common problem on newer Fender basses, required a. We compare a Mexican Standard to an American Professional and American Elite P-Bass.Fender Mexican Standard P-Bass (Candy Apple Red): American Professional P-Bass (Rosewood Olympic White) - American Elite Precision Bass (3-Tone Sunburst) - one sounded the best? How simple can a person be? Again, this is one of those less obvious details at first blush. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. The cornerstone of the new American Pro Fender Strat is the newly designed V-Mod pickups (designed by legendary pickup guru Tim Shaw). Thanks in advance for your responses. Strap buttons. As an interesting side note, at G&L to help keep Leo's vision alive. Let's start with the most obvious; the urethane finishes from each company are flawless. The Precision Bass’ long history dates back to 1951, and the Fender American Standard Precision Bass has become the flagship of Fender’s P-Bass line and a staple in popular music. While the G&L feels better to me when handling the instrument, Fender's traditional layout does what it's intended to do nicely. Fender's tuning pegs are again smaller, but are of a slightly denser material. G&L neck pockets are extremely tight, so much so  that you can remove the neck bolts then pick up the instrument by the neck and the body will remain in place. It's not easy to choose between these two legendary basses. When playing for the first time, I discovered a rattle when playing open notes. "G&L" is short for George & Leo; George Fullerton, and Leo Fender; two men key to the early days of Fender guitars. Unfortunately, the case that shipped with my Fender is coming apart. Wird ja … The foam insert in the top half of the case has separated from the plastic shell. Today I will compare my Fender American Standard Precision with the latest G&L P-basses: the new, It was all a matter of timing that presented this unique opportunity-- to buy yet another P-bass: first, the fact that I was not getting along well in my. Fender American Professional Precision Bass V review It’s a widely held belief that every pro bassist should own at least one Fender Precision, and a random sampling of the field shows that to be mostly true By Ed Friedland 08 January 2020 Precision Bass or Jazz Bass: Which Is Right for You? G&L tuners favor the classic designs of yesteryear. Also helpful eliminating rattles is to ensure the strings are wound as far down the peg as possible. When Fender announced the American Standard Series, first seen in 1987, was to be superseded by the American Professional Series, we at Guitar & Bass had high expectations. The tuners I put on my American Special Jazz is the 27:1 ratio which I think lend more precise operation in fine tuning of the bass. After a pleasant phone call, Fender's customer service arranged for a replacement to be sent. However, don't get the idea that G&L is stuck in the past-- the company strives to improve it's products in keeping with Leo's continuous effort to improve his creations.