I grew up in the deep south where large oak trees and Spanish moss live in abundance. English oak wood with a dragon heartstring core, 14" and slightly springy flexibility. Alder is a fast growing tree with a short life cycle. Dragon heartstring(s)Dragon heartstring is a powerful wand with a lot of magical “heft”. I'm African American/German (schwarze deutsche) but my last name is English. Likely kept from slave owners. The magical American South. Owners of English oak wands are close to nature (Pm). Wood Type: Alder Wand Size: 12 inches Wand Core: Dragon Heart-String Alder: Known as the wood of witches or Battle Witch wood. Merlin's wand is said to have been made of English oak, but his grave is unknown so it cannot be proven (Pm) Mr. Ollivander remembered that Hagrid's wand was "Oak, sixteen inches, rather bendy," but also that it had been broken when Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts. This one of a kind Oak wand is perfect for the witch or wizard to complete their journey to the wizarding world. Although it is the most common core among Dark Wizards, Dark Wizards are most certainly not their most common users. English Oak also perfectly fits in tune with them due to its admiration for wand users with strength, courage, and fidelity. Wood: Oak Length: 12.50” Core: Dragon Heartstring Owner: No previous owner allegiance Thank you very much in visiting my wand shop. Belly of the beast. Alder is best used to summon and control the four winds, banishing and controlling elements. Every Cedarcrest wand is handcrafted with the utmost care and attention from quality hardwood and is treated like the makers This fiery property lends courageousness and passion in your work. PRICE DROP English Oak*, Dragon Heartstring**, 14 inches A magic wand is a must-have for any form of witchcraft or wizardry, and you can do no better than a Cedarcrest wand. It draws off the element of fire, but also water and earth. It is a friend to ESTJs through the good times and the bad. 6 INFP - Dragon Heartstring, Vine Wood It is not the core you want for subtlety, but for sheer power it is definitely the best. 1 Pig - Black walnut with Dragon heartstring Those born in the year of the pig are recognized for their generous and trustworthy natures. A certificate of ownership is included with every wand. Paired with English oak, "A wand for good times and bad, this is a friend as loyal as the wizard who deserves it," the combination is unsurpassed.