The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that makes virtual currencies like Bitcoin possible also has many educational … Today we are introducing 10 emerging technologies in e-learning that educators and school management must know/understand for providing quality education … 4. Lower costs will push institutions to invest heavily in these effective, engaging training tools. These emerging and promising trends in education are anticipated to give a new outlook on education … For over a decade educational technologies are emerging at exponential rates, But many schools and educational institutes fall short on understanding and utilizing these technologies. Emerging technologies in education revolutionise the way students and teachers work and interact by eliminating the challenges and understanding the needs, observes Akash Tomer of Elets News Network (ENN). Of the many emerging technologies NYC Media Lab explores, a few in particular stand out as keys to building the classroom of the future. Let us know the 9 emerging technologies to be adopted in classrooms 2019. But we are far from the end of history in education technology … Mobile AR, VR, and voice technologies … AR and VR are two technologies whose transformative potential will grow exponentially in 2019. 5G technology and edge computing will reshape education with lightning speeds. The voice of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Reality technologies, and more are often heard in the educational sector in this year 2018. Recent advancements in Educational Technology … Blockchain Technology. By Vawn Himmelsbach • September 19, 2019.Education and technology have always developed hand-in-hand—and technology has always informed the way we educate.