... Once again Ecco did not disappoint, these shoes … ecco.com Visit this website ecco.com. Rating Summmary: 14 total reviews. These shoes are very expensive and … The only pair of Ecco shoes … The comfort of these shoes stems from their materials and construction method. I usually wear the Ecco RXP 3070 for my walking. Updated after wearing for a while - don't like these shoes and returned them. This is a very important feature for golf shoes, as this game is played on wet grass quite often. This is a very comfortable shoe. Ecco shoes soles all rot after a very short time. Customer Reviews ECCO Sport Biom C 2.1 (Leather)Write a Review. I have three pairs of Ecco shoes, not worn very much and every pair has soles which are rotting and disintegrating. Ecco delivers some of the best waterproof golf shoes on the market. The Biom has a much better sole that fits your foot. Write a review. Write a review Write a review Reviews 61,086 Write a review ... ECCO strives to produce shoes … I only buy Ecco shoes based on all my experiences and this is another great product from them for me. Ecco golf shoes review: Hybrid 3 and Biom G3 technology. Ecco golf shoes … Ecco uses a proprietary technology to treat the leather to deliver water protection. Ecco has its own tanneries where they produce the premium Yak leather found in their golf shoes… The Official ECCO Shop Reviews 61,086 • Excellent . Not comfortable for walking, not comfortable for heavy casual wear. ecco.com.