2. I found this video on an article on Kotaku. What's more ridiculous than beating one of the hardest bosses in Dark Souls with a Rock Band drum kit? 2 comments. It's hard to not be mesmerized watching Youtuber ATwerkingYoshi beat Abyss Watchers in Dark Souls 3 with DK Bongos. Taip, tai Nintendo GameCube valdikliai-būgneliai, skirti Donkey Kong Jungle Beat bei kitiems Donkey Kong žaidimams! If you thought fighting monsters with a horn was bats*** crazy, then try besting Dark Souls with a set of bongo … No stranger to crazy Dark Souls challenges, YouTube user gbbearzly has now completed the game with the Donkey Konga bongo drum controller. There was Darksouls using a Guitar Hero controller.... and now comes Donkey Kong Bongos Dark Souls Playthrough! Someone beat Dark Souls using Donkey Konga bongos Mini Spy. Patrick Klepek. Published 6 years ago: March 21, 2015 at 11:30 am-Filed to: dark souls. save. Here’s something fun for your Saturday: a video of YouTube user bearzly playing Dark Souls with a set of Donkey Konga Bongos.In the video below, … Štai kažkas naujo ir smagaus: YouTube vartotojas bearzly žaidžiantis Dark Souls su Donkey Konga Bongos. Benjamin ‘bearzly’ Gwin has been challenging himself with Dark Souls for a while, beating it with one single finger, with the plastic drums and guitar controllers of Rock Band, and, now, the bongo drum controller from GameCube rhythm ’em up Donkey Konga. share. souls games. Dark Souls has been bested with a pair of bongos. Look, here he is beating the legendarily frustrating Ornstein and Smough boss battle: P.S. due to the fact that I cannot post a link in this subreddit for some reason, here is a LINK. Pulling off the same feat with the frickin' bongo drums form Donkey Konga. Share. Video. Someone’s Playing Through Dark Souls With Donkey Konga’s Bongo Drums.