This is a unique differentiator for these mole and gopher spikes as most ultrasonic repellers work only above ground. As with any sonic product, it can take time to see the full effect so be sure to give it at least two weeks but you should be pleased with the results. In turn, the sound helps to drive away the mole. Top Answer. They are highly durable repellents that have been built from watertight, anti-UV, and anti-corrosion aluminum spike. Wiki User Answered . The weather's been perfect, and I've... Steve Jenkins is an Internet entrepreneur, tech CEO, all-around geek, speaker, consultant, martial arts black belt, PADI rescue diver, obstacle course racer, and self-proclaimed technology Jedi and business samurai who is passionate about anything that has blinking lights, a throttle, a trigger, or a Swiss movement. Methods that Do Work. Emitting up to 400 HZ low-frequency sonic pulses every 20 seconds, they will easily scare the moles away. In other words, the mole will not be able to bear with the sound. I bought three, placed one in a location and there are more mole hills appearing every few days with in 8 to 12 feet of the unit. . The concept behind these spikes is that they emit sounds made by moles (and other burrowing animals) when predators are near, scaring moles away. With no harsh chemicals or deadly traps, these solar powered repellents keep moles and gophers away without causing harm to the animals. Most people will tell you they don't work. The spikes are solidly constructed and feature an impressive solar panel array and capacitor. 2009-07-14 16:52:02 2009-07-14 16:52:02. He informed me that the moles came back when his batteries died, which supports his argument that they do indeed work. And because the spikes operate under solar power, the maintenance and operating costs are reduced to virtually zero. Replace your Capacitor or Contactor, Video: Ruger Mark III 22/45 Upgrade – TANDEMKROSS “Game Changer” Compensator, How to Wire a Humidifier to an Ecobee Smart Thermostat, Product Review: Lutron Maestro 600 3-Way Occupancy Sensor Switch, What Hacked Nude Celebrity Photos Can Teach Us About Privacy in the Digital Age. Some people claim success after a week or two of using them. |, Getting Rid of Moles: What Works, and What Doesn’t, Pet Poison Helpline listing for bromethalin, New ecobee3 thinks it’s time to leave the Nest, Best Products for Dog or Cat Stains and Odors, Air Conditioning Not Blowing Cold? SONIC STAKES DON'T BOTHER MOLES AND VOLES. This allows the solar charged battery to last longer while not allowing the pests to become acclimated to the tone, as can happen for devices using a continuous tone. These spikes are designed to emit an ultrasonic pulse every 30 seconds. © Pest Repeller Center, 2016. Aug 29, 2011: Mole Traps are illegal in Wahington State by: Dan I just learned that mole traps are illegal in Washington state. Although price is not the only factor to consider, it is nevertheless extremely important. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Unlike myself, some people do not like moles in their garden. ... to spend the money if they do not work. The internal battery can hold a 5 day charge, which makes it ideal in shady or overcast areas. These solitary animals have large enough territories that one generally only has 1 to 3 moles at a time. Sonic spikes are an example. The spikes come in sets of 4 and are priced higher than similar competing products. There is no evidence that these devices repel moles or gophers either. Sweeney’s Solar Powered Gopher and Mole Repellent Sonic Spikes are ideal for the friendly gardener who wishes to live in, albeit a distant, harmony with nature’s ground bound pests. They charge for 8 hours, and last up to 8 days without more direct sunlight, so these are great for low-light areas like Alaska.