You mentioned DevOps. However, this role usually extends to include making sure that DevOps processes and the choices made about tools or technology accross the enterprise's fleet of applications remains compatible. Cloud Academy offers 10 AWS certifications, including Certified Developer – Associate Certification Preparation for AWS and Solutions Architect – Associate Certification Preparation for AWS. This typically involves a lot of time invested in understanding the roadmaps of many suppliers. Finally, the cloud architect needs to be an expert in the existing cloud computing technology: public, private, and hybrid, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Landing your dream job will therefore require you to gain the appropriate level of experience and complete other testing protocols in addition to earning a certification. Cloud Practitioner vs Solutions Architect with Big Data end goal. AWS Certification Practice Exam: What to Expect from Test Questions, Cloud Academy Nominated High Performer in G2 Summer 2020 Reports, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate: A Study Guide. You’ll see that there are connections between all roles when working on a project in tech and cloud, because these tools, along with a stable development environment, are provided to them by  Solutions Architects. This shift requires a new set of skills to design, deploy, and manage applications in cloud computing. Remote proctoring for all AWS certifications I'll have a go at the Enterprise Architect title: this usually refers to a role that looks at the way a larger organisation (aka Enterprise) functions: the culture it has, how information and finance flows through it, how risk is managed, how people are hired and retained and how that lot matches up to the roadmap/vision and strategies of the business. The AWS Developer Certification Exam is for those Developers who have one or more years of experience with developing and maintaining the AWS-based application. Cloud Architects are usually responsible for one or more of the compute, network, storage components of Cloud Services. An AWS Solutions Architect deals with solution designing. AWS offers two certificates for Solutions Architects: Professional and Associate. This process is called the value stream. Regardless of your role, having a solutions architect perspective will only benefit you. These all-inclusive learning paths provide step-by-step learning experiences with video-based courses, certification prep exams, and plenty of hands-on labs to build real-world experience in live environments. They could have different focuses (solution architect might be focused just on a single product, while an enterprise architect might be focused on architecting the communication between a suite of products, and a software architect focuses on the architecture of the code itself). If you’re into infrastructure, try out the Solutions Architect – Associate cert. What isn’t changing? All these roles bring significant challenges but can be supremely rewarding. Solutions Architect: take this exam if you are a technical architect of some type or are trying to learn how an architect thinks within the AWS landscape. With that in mind, this post is going to review the basics of two popular career paths within the Amazon universe: the AWS Developer vs AWS Solutions Architect. AWS Solutions Architect jobs require prolific cognitive thinking for visualizing solutions by leveraging knowledge about AWS architecture best practices. And yes, we know that AWS feature releases are like a tsunami of new services that are both exciting and overwhelming. As with all things Job title related the difference is going to depend entirely on the company that is handing them out as titles. Certification is the written proof that you have acquired a specific set of skills and knowledge—and AWS cloud certifications are well-respected in the market. In what way should we move to the cloud?” Based on user demand, the Solutions Architect selects the best AWS tools to achieve the user’s goals. In other words who they work with and for. No matter which certification you choose, you open the door to limitless opportunities. It takes away shared responsibility and builds a hierarchical relationship. Cooperation is welcome. Associate – 130 minutes, multiple-choice questions. Open source and radically transparent. The AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam is for those individuals who have performed the Solutions Architect role and have one or more years of experience in designing available, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, and scalable distributed systems on AWS.