In reality, this Croatian wafer cake is mama’s artisanal take on the Neapolitan wafer. Place one cake on serving platter. He (yes, he) described a towering black and white confection of stacks upon stacks of chocolate layers nestled between blankets of snowy-white whipped cream. For something a little cleaner, try Abbey’s Healthy Chocolate Banana Muffins at The Butter Half. Most of all, I love helping YOU get dinner ready because there's nothing more important than connecting with our loved ones around the dinner table! If you made my Soy-Maple Glazed Turkey for thanksg, If you haven’t picked up a turkey yet, and you s, Are you on the hunt for the perfect Thanksgiving m, With Thanksgiving just a week away, be sure to add, While I’m on the comfort food train this weekend, While we are talking about this Cheddar Cheese Syr, Crispy, flakey, sweet, and savory! If you love Joanna Gaines as much as I do then the ‘Magnolia Table Cookbook’ is a must in your kitchen, get a copy HERE! This chocolate wafer and whipped cream icebox cake is a classic from everyone's childhood! I think the more traditional intention was for it to be long and narrow, about 10 cookies wide, opposed to my 15. Three ingredients! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are always broken cookies. This cake is perfect served after my Crack Slaw. But they’re on Ebay for an exhorbitant amount of money and shipping costs. I’m going to try to split thin Oreo cookies in two to see if they will work. Repeat for another 10-11 layers. I am going to make it as soon as I pick up ALL the ingredients that I do NOT have yet, the wafers and whipping cream. I shared with my sister and she loved it so much that she requested the recipe right away. Nabisco has a product locator through Add the vanilla and whip until medium-stiff peaks form. Rich flavour from walnuts, graham cracker, and coconut will leave you speachless. Enjoy everyone! Karlynn Facts: I'm allergic to broccoli. It’s National Pumpkin, What’s your favorite fall memory, food related o, With swirls of pumpkin butter, chunks of chocolate, I’m in desperate need on an autumn drive. Continue to whip on medium speed until soft peaks form. This cake is perfect, even for a special occasion, any time of the year. The longer the better, the cookies will absorb the moisture and become soft and cake-like. Having another portion for lunch today. They are from NABISCO, Famous Nabisco Chocolate Wafers should get you well as the when looking for the recipe. I just based mine off of the platter that I picked to finish it on. This post may contain affiliate links. Oh – on a separate note – I made the picked pot roast and it is wonderful. After cooking every recipe in Joanna Gaines Magnolia Table Cookbook and rediscovering why I love food, I am embarking on my own journey to share all my knowledge from years of working as a professional Chef. Everyone has their own name for this cake. It was first introduced by Nabisco in 1929 as "Chocolate Wafer Icebox Cake". My KendellKreations are inspired by getting creative with the ingredients I already have in my kitchen. Fill ‘er up and add my, Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onion Tart. Thankyou.Judi. Combine the whipping cream, sugar and vanilla in a large bowl. W, Monday means MORE COFFEE! Your email address will not be published. How to Make Famous Chocolate Wafer Cake Beat cream with mixer on high speed Add vanilla and sugar and continue beating until stiff peaks form. Finish with whipped cream on top, then sprinkle with leftover broken cookies. !..with this most beautious recipe..can’t wait to try..for a brbq..oit luck..however..wondering!!? I just found them in Safeway. ( see the how-to video!). My mom, now almost 90, remembers her mother serving this to her when she was a child. I was excited at the very thought of mastering this mysteriously named “icebox cake.” I could talk all day about my love for these pans, message me if you want more info. Biscolata Duomax Hazelnut Chocolate Wafer Bar Snack Cookies (16 pack - 32 Pieces) 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,516. Get yours here! Thanks to ads on this website, readers of The Kitchen Magpie are now sponsoring 2 families a month through the Edmonton Food Bank. Share a photo of what you made on Instagram or Facebook and tag me @thekitchenmagpie or hashtag it #thekitchenmagpie. No matter the name, everyone LOVES this cake. Lemon juice to her whipped cream. You have to look but they are there, Giod day Karlynn..just found your site! I suppose you already found the wafers after 2 years….but…for others I found them online at WEGMANS here in Midlothian, Va. Enter your email below to get our recipes sent to your inbox when a new one is published! This traditional icebox cake that uses chocolate wafers from the grocery store will take you directly back to your Grandmothers kitchen table. This whipped cream and chocolate wafer cake WILL slice beautifully if you let it sit overnight until the next evening. I did 15 cookies high because that is what fit my platter perfectly, make it fit your serving tray. Line them up and then cover in whipped cream. Finish with whipped cream on top, then sprinkle with leftover broken cookies. Try Chandice’s Gluten-Free Caramel Chocolate Lasagna from This Vivacious Life. Site Index Christmas Icebox cake Whipped cream. Build a tower and then spread a little cream on your platter and then lay them down. I might have lost a few of you when I titled this The Famous Chocolate Wafer Icebox Cake, however I am sure that once you saw the photo, 99% of you knew exactly what this recipe is. Spread frosting over top and side of cake. Please look up Kitchen Magpie’s recipe. You want it firm but not too far whipped that it will get buttery when you are working with it. I think I have at least 4 of each of these. 4 oz salted butter. If you are NOT a gadget person, this is the only necessity I say is a MUST beyond the wooden spoon. Slice against the grain so you get a beautiful stack of cookies in each slice. But you do you, the slices were a bit bigger and I’m not complaining. These Rösle Silicone Tongs are a little pricey but they will last you the rest of your life and are the softest in your hand. That’s it! I do resets for Safeway and Albertsons and I’ve taken them out of every store we go to work at this month. So yummy! You simply must leave it in the fridge overnight for the best results. You make mention of a how-to video, but I don’t see it anywhere. Would this work the same if you just used “aerosol” whip cream in a can? facebook twitter instagram pinterest youtube. This Chocolate wafer icebox cake is super easy and nobody needs to know just how easy. Copyright © The Kitchen Magpie®. This is important for someone like m that cooks so much. Delicious Chocolate Wafer Cake is one of the best, fast cake recipes. This recipe comes from the side of the chocolate wafer cookie box and simply states that you should spread 1-2 teaspoons of whipped cream between the cookies. But dont worry they’re back!!! See my privacy policy for details. Am I missing something? In the past, we would cook milk and sugar for 2-3 hours to get what is globally known as dulce de leche. To make the cake in the photo above: Whip 2 cups of heavy cream with 2 teaspoons sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract until stiff. The best part is that you can make it year round, just switch up the garnishes. This cake is a blast from the past that has stood the test of time. Everyone has their own name for this cake. My mom would make this in a log shape – and usually cobble together two boxes- and we would impatiently wait until the next day. In the bowls of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, add heavy cream and whip on medium speed until you begin to see it thicken slightly. Please rate this recipe in the comments below to help out your fellow cooks! The cake like texture that these cookies take on when covered in whipped cream is basically the only thing you need in life. In a small bowl add the chocolate chips and heat in the microwave on 30 second increments, stirring after each time until melted. This giant vat of olive oil is my favorite, I decant it into a smaller bottle for my counter.