Notice: Please contact child custody attorney Colleen Sparks to advise you of your rights upon an assessment of the facts in your case before using this agreement or signing an agreement in child custody mediation. Neither parent shall discuss the business of this case with the children, nor permit any third person to do so, except in the presence of a therapist. D. BOTH PARENTS shall have as much additional parenting time with the children as can be agreed upon by the parents. C. No Parental Alienation. The parents will communicate directly with each other on matters concerning the children and may not use the children as messengers between them. The parents should keep copies of this document for themselves to refer to in case of dispute, misunderstanding, or a desire to create a written alteration of the agreement. The father’s visitation rights will extend from 5:00 pm of beginning of the three-day weekend until 5:00 pm on Sunday or Monday, depending on the last day of the holidays. The vehicle must have legal child restraint devices. D. When either parent plans to travel outside of the State of California for overnight or longer during their parenting time, a contact phone number and destination shall be provided to the other parent. C. Holiday/Special Day contacts shall take precedence over regular and school break contacts and shall not interfere with school attendance. © 2009-2020 Talkov Law Corp., a California professional corporation. We offer free, 15-minute consultations. A doctor’s excuse is required. The Agreement addresses issues such as physical and legal custody, visitation schedules, health insurance, college, and, if desired, child support. The children will not be exposed to secondhand smoke, including but not limited to cigarettes, marijuana, hookah, or vaping. 11. C. The parents shall not use the exchange times to discuss conflicts pertaining to the children, their own adult disputes or their court case. Ultimate Guide to HOA Disputes for Homeowners, Ordinary Course of Business Transfers – Preference Defense in Bankruptcy, Contemporaneous Exchange of New Value – Preference Defense in Bankruptcy. The parent authorizing such emergency treatment must notify the other parent as soon as possible of the emergency situation and of all procedures or treatment administered to the children. D. Each parent will have access to the children’s school, medical, and dental records and the right to consult with those professionals providing services to the children. If the parents would like to create a document that covers just child support, they should use a Child Support Agreement. Neither parent will schedule activities for the children during the other parent’s scheduled parenting time without the other parent’s prior agreement. Child Custody Contract, Custody Agreement, Parental Custody Arrangement, Parenting Plan, Custody Arrangement, Fill out the template - 100% FREE, Who Gets the Kids: Creating and Modifying Child Custody Agreements, Cataloguing Custody: Forms of Custody Arrangements and how to Use them, The Grandparent's Guide to Custody and Visitation, State by State Grandparents Guide to Custody and Visitation, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Necessary Documents when Traveling with a Child. Finally, the document gives the parents the option to incorporate an existing child support agreement or to create a new child support agreement. Child Custody and Visitation Agreement stipulation-free-draft-template-example.docx. Generally, if both parents come to an agreement regarding these matters, a Court will be willing include the agreement in the official legal documents. 4) Selection of a doctor, dentist, or other health professional (except in emergency situations).