My fault for not doing something sooner. An appearance of a jelly-like substance on trees is indicative of peach tree borer or lesser peach tree borer infestation, or mechanical injury. I need help to save my tree. What can I do about sap leaking out of cherry tree? Can my cherry tree be saved or should I cut it down and re-plant? I've included a picture, but now the blobs are much bigger, like popcorn. If not, what can I do about it? I have a weeping cherry tree, planted 3 yrs ago. I have a cherry tree in my yard and there is a brown sap leaking from where the branches meet the trunk. Trees just coming out of dormancy are most susceptible to the pathogen. Integrated Pest Management Strategies. Is that normal? They're about 1/32" holes and thousands of them. Exposing the roots makes them easier to remove, and also helps you know how much work you have to do. The bore holes are tiny. This goop isn't sticky, it's more like jelly. The open/oozing site in photo is on the south side of the trunk toward the bottom. Fungal spores enter the tree through injured tissue where they germinate and penetrate the tissue. I have gull in my spruce trees too. Years ago all of my wild black cherry trees bleed jelly out so bad it made a two foot circle of a puddle on the grass. With Ideas 4 Landscaping you will find out all you want to know about landscaping. I planted it in fall 2009 and it has been a productive tree. A few years ago, it started leaking a little sap and now it has multiple sites. The trees didn't show any die back, but the bark is full of holes! This is the primary mode of infection. Pictures attached. Step 2 Break into the bark on the roots with a sharp shovel or spade. Step 1 Apply preventative trunk sprays to control peach tree borer before the larvae move inside the tree and white insects are still on tree bark. There is currently mulch around the base 4 feet out. Dig out the area around the cherry tree roots to expose as much of the surface of the roots as possible. The base of the tree looks good and has never been injured. Since it started raining, my weeping cherry has masses of gelatinous goop coming out of the crown of it's branches. 2. Be careful not to damage trunks with lawn mowers or other yard and garden equipment. Asked September 23, 2013, 10:23 PM EDT. It looks like it should have killed them. I noticed yesterday that there are HUGE globs of clear jelly like substance on the trunk. 1. The trunk is approx 7-8" diameter at the base. It is dropping in blobs onto the dirt below. I don't see anything leaking anywhere else.