Cancel What does everyone use to check hidden stats like recoil? Targeting adjuster (aim assist) is the best mod to help get those magic bullets to curve back on target. Go get one. The initial heat draw is large, but the Furnace will require a small amount of heat to continue running once sufficiently heated. Hell, I know people that prefer to use Hammerhead over Thunderlord (I don’t). I have a tough time accepting the fact that it just "works in an unexpected way" when literally I've tried probably over a dozen pulse rifles in both D1 and D2 and no other ones react to a CB mod this way, and I've tried plenty of pulses that had a fairly high recoil direction to start. This one could reach 97 stability with a Counterbalance Mod at +10MW or 95 stability at +8MW. Blast furnace already has a recoil direction of 65 I believe, so it’s mostly vertical. Go Figure kicks hard left, but with the Mod it's relatively vertical. This will be locked later. Here’s the secret: if your recoil direction ends in 5, it will be mostly vertical. To summarize, the first digit (8_ in 85/80) affects the variance of the recoil (consistent/predictability of recoil pattern). Rasmussen sight (a must for me) Tactical Mag, Snapshot Sights and Killclip with Stability Masterwork. Mods: Counterbalance Mod, Backup Mag, Rampage Spec; Comments: This is THE meta machine gun. So how do you check the exact number for the recoil stat of your weapon? So recoil of 100 is dead center (yeah it doesn’t end on 5 but don’t ask me how they designed it) then 95>85>75>65 are all much better than 90>80>70 and so on. Edit The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Hip fire one shot kills from across the map? It would be the best. I don’t like Blast Furnace tbh. However, with a Counterbalance Mod, players can easily balance Outlast's innate recoil and enjoy the added stability throughout raids. how ever the aim assist in this game really brakes the skill gap of it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It’s handling feels super clunky. I’ll try it out again tonight and try crouching and see if it will cross maps supers. Has there been any acknowledgement or any planned fixes for counter balance mod on blast furnace? I feel like I have to shard any roll that doesn’t have steady rounds and stability master work which is annoying cuz console has REDICULOUS recoil. I’m trying to use a mod to fix one of its weaknesses which is a counter balance mod and it doesn’t work. Especially recoil pattern. So adding a counter balance mod to Blast Furnace would put it at 80 which makes its recoil worse. Soliciting/Plagiarism/Phishing/Impersonation, This site uses cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience. This will make it jump consistently to the left. The second digit (_5/_0) affects the recoil direction. He is that which is an end. Every weapon I've ever tried it on has had worse recoil. IMO this is the absolute best Gambit Invader weapon, I would take it over Truth any day of the week. Got a decent roll on it but I stood in the corner of my first couple crucible matches with and it didn’t one shot everything automatically. I thought I was crazy when I made the same observation on my Blast Furnace. It's meant to make the recoil more predictable, but what you're left with is a weapon that kicks like a mule, just one that kicks in a predictable direction.