Accessed online May 2002 at I always skip it if I possibly can. Housing/Feeding Birds And clean up is so easy. Necropsy indicated that this bird had been poisoned from exposure to Teflon fumes. . And before we went gluten-free I used it to make that amazing 5 minute artisanal bread. 1112°F - Perfluorobutane (PFB, Trade Name CEA-410) [21]: As a global warming chemical, perfluorobutane has a long half-life in the upper atmosphere and has over 8,000 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide [30]. I use it 5 times a week for at least half the year, it cooks and cleans up so well, and it looks so pretty sitting on my stovetop. The burner was turned up to the highest heat setting, and a timer was started. The new heat lamp bulbs were polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coated. Stainless steel cookware, copper-clad stainless steel cookware, copper cookware, corningware cookware, glass cookware, aluminum cookware, and cast iron cookware are all safe for use when cooking. Accessed online at 1975. As a result of the new data showing that non-stick surfaces reach toxic temperatures in a matter of minutes, EWG has petitioned the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to require that cookware and heated appliances bearing non-stick coatings must carry a label warning of the acute hazard the coating poses to pet birds. TFA is also a breakdown product of many hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) used as replacement for chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which are potent ozone depleters used in refrigeration systems, aerosols and other products. Now, I’m trying to find enough money to replace it all (except one stainless steel skillet) with Le Creuset! Another possibility is a toxic fume that was not PTFE but still dangerous enough to affect a bird with an already-compromised respiratory system. We moved an air nebulizer already in operation for an Umbrella cockatoo that had aspergillosis into the room and tried to administer air to him. I would really love to have a Creuset as I have begun cooking more. 1968. I think you’re referring to Corningware’s Cornflower pattern; HTH your search. The blue and white bowl shown above is Pyrex (a Pyrex Cinderella bowl). So, I have a houseful of screaming noisy birds again, but they can't drown out the noticable void of certain voices. Environmental Science & Technology 31:2445-2454. The macaw did not show signs of respiratory stress again until she used the same oven at 350 degrees. In new tests conducted by a university food safety professor, a generic non-stick frying pan preheated on a conventional, electric stovetop burner reached 736°F in three minutes and 20 seconds, with temperatures still rising when the tests were terminated. I contacted Wilton and they told me the same as Susan in So Cal. Four stovetop burners, underlined with Teflon-coated drip pans, were preheated in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner; 14 birds died within 15 minutes [2] [5]. Killed: All birds in a breeding operation 1987. 9. We have had an attorney going after Amana for the past year about this incident and we have yet to resolve it. Available online at In their 2001 review of sauté pans, Cooks Illustrated, an independent publication, chose a stainless steel pan over otherwise identical non-stick models. In one study, rats exposed to a one-time-only inhaled exposure of octafluorocyclobutane lost weight and had abnormal breathing. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Zyron (octafluorocyclobutane CASRN 115-25-3). I can’t promise that all of these are 100% perfectly safe, but they’re the safest options available. Annual Meeting, May 1959. Hamilton, New Zealand. Description: Planet Pets serves the public by finding, evaluating, selecting, organizing, and offering quality pet-related information and resources. Many of the thermal degradation products are unmatched in their environmental persistence. My companion for 16 years. Fluorocarbon toxicity and biological activity. 1997. 1995. Are these chemicals safe? Lists common household hazards and provides a search engine for research by topic or keywords. Good luck! It probably all comes down to whether you believe that silicone is safe or fishy… Katie., Eve’s India A bit challenging! Hallmark signs of PTFE poisoning in birds are lung congestion, fluid accumulation of the lung (edema), bleeding in the lung (hemorrhage), heart tissue death (necrosis of the atrial epithelium) and crystalline particulate deposition in certain lung cells (parenchyma). Love them! I don't really know. Comparative effects of haloacetic acids in whole embryo culture. Implicated in death: Overheated Teflon pan. Sodium Fluoroacetate (CASRN: 62-74-8). Darn.!.htm, The Grey Place Hopefully we can be of assistance in this matter since we have first hand experience with this terrible scourge. At this point the pan was removed from the burner and the burner was turned off. [date]. Implicated in death: Self-cleaning oven. [1] Dale, Steve. 13. Using a Raytek Infrared Model Raynger ST Pro noncontact thermometer with an accuracy of +/- 2°F, the temperature was monitored every twenty seconds for 300 seconds (5 minutes). Implicated in death: Melted Teflon microwave component. Can’t use soap – that turns some people off. Nature 412(6844): 321-4). In another case, a healthy 26-year-old woman went to the hospital complaining of difficult breathing, chest tightness and cough after being exposed to toxic fumes coming from a defective microwave oven part: a melted and scorched Teflon block used as an axle for a rotating platform in the oven. 2002. Sorry, but according to my GI doctor and several registered nutritionists I know, microwave ovens change food chemically from what you want to eat. Lauren, you’re right!, Thank you for this information. (highly recommended!). Thanks for the pattern name, am now googling around to see if older Corningware has the possibility of lead. DuPont also claims that human illness will be produced only in cases involved gross overheating, or burning the food to an inedible state [12]. [1] April 2003. If exposure is high enough, people can have irregular heart rate (ventricular fibrillation), heart attacks, and severe convulsions leading to respiratory failure [17]. Chem. Revised draft hazard assessment of perfluorooctanoic acid and its salts, November 4, 2002. Non-stick coated pan on a Kenmore Natural Gas Range. Electric skillet at 300°F and space heater were used simultaneously; pet bird died [8]. At this point neither Karen nor the doctor suspected the oven. Preliminary risk assessment of the developmental toxicity associated with exposure to perfluorooctanoic acid and its salts. Get a SaladMaster rep to your house to do a demo pronto, and maybe you can swing a deal by reviewing them on your blog. Unknowingly we had no idea that the oven was in fact coated with a non-stick chemical. I usually let it soak a bit and use the scraper too. [17] Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB). Implicated in death: Poaching pan. 2000. 2003. DuPont has never studied the incidence of the fever among users of the billions of non-stick pots and pans sold around the world. I don’t think it’s a silly question at all, and my answer is…I hope so? When fluoride and calcium bind, creating a “precipitate,” a life-threatening condition of decreased calcium (hypocalcemia) can occur. I have used this small oven for nearly two years without problem. [9] Clayton, JW., Hood, DB and Raynes-Ford, GE., The Parrot Society of Australia Other studies show that HCFC-123, a hydrofluorocarbon that breaks down into TFA, causes enlarged liver and decreased levels of glucose, triglyceride and cholesterol in adult animals, but it is unclear whether these effects are due to HCFC-123 or a metabolite [13].