No problem, can happen, but tell what's going on. I did this at my house, but at my girlfriend's apartment complex they have a weird mesh WiFi network that only has one connection point, but it decides automatically whether or not to connect to 2g or 5g. ‎14-04-2020 Seeing those significant improvements, and experienceing the simplicity of the Google setup, it's really hard to go back to using the R7000 for my needs, as I don't do any fancy routing or port forwarding and such.. just need a simple and reliable network in my house. I need port forwarding to my raspberry pi. Me and my family are having some problems with our wifi. 2g wifi struggling/not working but 5g is fine, Re: 2g wifi struggling/not working but 5g is fine, Firstly, what Hub model is it - printed on its sticker. Not much for answers though aside from resetting to factory deafult and manually reconfiguring everything, which sometimes works, sometimes doesnt. So this fixes it so that it ONLY connects to the 5g portion. I have this problem with the two latest firmware versions. Neither my computer nor phone can connect to the 2.4Ghz. The release notes only mention about security fixes. The issue is my phone connects to the 5Ghz WiFi no problem, but only the 2.4Ghz WiFi shows up on my computer. So far, I'm super glad I did! Running both router does NO harm. that should place the firmware version you started with before the issue started. I am hopeless now. Model: R6900|Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router, Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router. there is a Dell page somewhere that has the list of Intel products that are affected and what the setting needs to be. Has been up as long as 3 days and as short as 8 hours. But nothing. This morning, as my devices could not connect, I went in and disabled the guest network. So it only helps to find out if it should work… sollutions to any problem regarding the issues. I wish you good luck bad 2.4 ghz bands seems be the becoming the thing to post abouton many of different models. Re: only finding the 2G WiFi network but not the 5G network. Why? Did Netgear introduce bugs? But no webconsole and smartphones still connected but no trafic possible. If firmware related the problem should be fixed on the 2.4 ghz band since you said you that you can fix th 2.4ghz band for a short time by log into the router and playing in the its settings, hard to believe that it is a hardware issue. This website uses cookies. Hi everyone, Me and my family are having some problems with our wifi. Continue to use the 5G wifi for everything else. It was up for almost 2 hours after the reset to Previously I could not get usable signal outside my garage or halfway across my patio (they are both on the kitchen side of my house) using the R7000. Upgraded firmware last week but problem didn't start until some days later. I don't get it. ‎13-04-2020 I had a 3700 3 years ago. 18:43, on The 2.4GHz still reply on a ping. on Please check and report back if same issue happens. 5ghz still works great though... Just went back three previous firmware versions. 2.4 GHz has been kind of neglected. This version was great for months. Blows me away that tech companies can issue so much buggy firmware. ‎13-04-2020 Devices can all see the 2.4ghz network, but cannot resolve an IP address and connect. A new firmware has been posted. I'm on firmware version With the more recent firmwares, I could not go more than 4-5 hours without the 2.4ghz failing on me, and having to reboot the router. I have this problem with the two latest firmware versions. Solved. The only noticeable difference I could find was that the computer was connecting to the 2.5ghz network and the phone to the 5ghz network. I don't get it. Here are the symptoms; - Devices connected to 2g, such as my Sky Q, losing connection, then struggling to re-connect - Devices can see the 2G but cannot connect. I'm stable for 24 hours now. It was extremely easy to hook up, and even at 5-10feet from the main hub, I'm getting 10-15Mbps more speed than my Nighthawk R7000. If that doesn't solve may actually go to a Google Wifi after reading today that they have support for ethernet backhaul.. that might work great for my house actually. - edited When placing the router in a high location, leave a distance of two (2) feet between the router antenna tips, ceiling, and wall. Factory reset with the most recent firmware a day ago. I upgraded to the latest firmware last night hoping that may fix it, but it didn't. - Reset router, back site little small hole, - Restored the backup which was made with same version. 18:45, on If disabling my guest network doesn't solve things ongoing, I'll revert back 3 firmware updates and see if that helps, however the recent firmwares were supposed to fix security issues, so would like to keep the latest firmware if I can. Devices started connecting to the 2.4ghz channel just fine after disabling the guest network on 2.4ghz without having to reset the entire router this time. Google WiFi was faster giving me full signal strength and 58-60Mbps download speeds consistently compared to 2 bar signal and 30-40Mbps speeds using the R7000 in the far reaching bedroom in the house. I think the real problem layes in the coding of the firmware it's self hard to know for sure the nvram is holding data that should not or where the issues laids. I reverted back to the older firmware, which seemed to fix my issues at least for the following 24 hours that I continued to use the R7000. Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router. Tap Advanced > Wi-Fi frequency band. I was just wondering if anyone else has had similar problems? But, if all you want is a reliable Wi-Fi signal, try just connecting to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi before you splurge on extending that 5 GHz Wi-Fi everywhere. Same here with V1.0.9.14_1.2.25. However, our 2g connects (as it says on our Macs and phones) but either struggles/doesn't work at all when on the internet for example.